Friday, July 30, 2010

Little things can make you smile!

So as im sure you are all aware i have had a rough couple of days.... unfortunately this hasnt ended but im not going to talk about that today.

ITS FRIDAY.... yay.... i can let my brain breathe over the weekend :D

Anyways when i got home yesterday i noticed that there was a package at my front door.... i got all excited as i hadnt ordered anything or knew of anything coming to me.

I picked it up and turned it over and saw that it was from my friend who had asked for my address a few days back but i didnt click that he would be sending me a package, i thought he might be sending me an invite... he lives like 30 mins from my house (excuse my french) but he calls the suburn i live in BumFuckEygpt ahahahah and we were joking on the phone about Suburb names.... so when i recieved the package this was what was written as a return address...

It was my birthday in May and he and i huge fans of TOOL the band and he mentioned he had a book to give me..... so he sent it to me via the mail because we wont see eachother for a couple of weeks and he wanted to do somethign exciting for me.... HE ROCKS. IT made me smile....
I love this kid..... he plays in a band called Bat Country here in Perth and his an awesome friend.

This is a crappy screen shot i took off their myspace

He is the one with the apple in his mouth.... but heres a better photo-

If i were at home posting this i prob could have posted my own photos of him but at work im limited.... anyways their band is amazing.... all instrumental.

On a side note... whether Seth Rogen is skinny or fat i'd tap that... pretty sure he is everything i want in a guy.

So... as for now... that is all.

Nothing really fun to report band wise.... no weightloss today, still exercising, still havent found anything to wear to the ball (which means i probably wont go). So meh!

Toodles x


  1. You're so right - Seth Rogen is fabulous! I think I prefer him a combination of those two photos. He looks a little too thin (for my taste) in the second one!

    Woohoo for unexpected packages!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for reciving packages! Tool is such a great band!

  3. FYI - a bit of TOOL TRIVIA from a fellow bandster! Where I went to art school, here in Michigan, Maynard was a fellow student. Description of him at the time: Way smelly, dreads down to his arse, quiet, and short! To help pay rent and stuff, he was also a nude model there. So he was a regular model for the classes I took! Yep - I've got nude drawings of Maynard! freakin hilarious.

  4. Seth is kinda sexy isn't he? What great friends you have!

  5. Just wanted to know that I gave you an award! Check out my blog for the details!

    I nominated you for an award!!! Check it out, lovely!

  7. Ha - you're friend is the return address.

  8. That was my first thought have good friends. Way to go on losing 41 pounds in less than two months! That is unbelievable.

    Now...I want you to find something outrageous to wear and go to the ball! You look spectacular in have such style. I want to see pix and enjoy vicariously! Okay Cinderella??? :)

    Happy weekend!

  9. Do you think Seth has a band? Just wondering....

  10. No no i dont think Seth Rogen has a band, he did his weightloss with sheer willpower... respect to him!


    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award - thanks for your great blog.