Saturday, July 24, 2010

Avoiding the scales! (Picture heavy)

Yep.... its official... im avoiding the scales.... it makes me way super duper too depressed if there isnt any movement on them.

On the positive, im trying to exercise more.... went for a walk with the doggy this morning for 30mins and the came home and did 30 mins of Just Dance. Whilst i was shaking my toosh i got a phonecall from my old job, i managed a high end leather interior company and i hear they want me back... not that id go, unless they offered me an amazing wage because i actually love working for my folks at the moment.

After my exercise i cleaned most of the house.... made me feel so much better.


Im so anti social these days.... i used to go out every weekend religiously and party as much as possible and catch up with friends.... since the surgery i just want to stay in (which means i eat more which sucks). I think once i have lost a bit more weight i might go out but with having my dog and stuff i feel guilty going out.

So i took some photos of my place and i thought itd be fun to share them with you... you can see my weakness for dvds ahahah.
This is my front lounge room that i have turned into my mini theatre room. I have way to many dvds.This is my open plan living room and dinning room next to my kitchen (my puppy dog is chilling outside)
This is the open plan living area just from another angle where you can see all my art and the giant world map my friend bought me for my 25thThis is the world map my friend got me... she wrote this on it and i will never take it off... so special. She said she got this for me when i said to her recently that i wanted everything the world could give me.This is a beautiful hand made pillow my sister made for me for my 25th (i was super spoiled this year) and i adore it, its so special!
One of my favourite paintings of BEn Ottewell from the band Gomez.I took this photo the other day when i was feeling sad... then after i looked at it laughed at myself which made me feel better ahahah.A shot i took the other day that i played around with.
And finally to prove i dont always look decent here is a shot from today after exercising and cleaning.... me = feral ahahaha!


  1. You have the prettiest eyes! They really pop with your dark hair. Love your house - it looks so nice and spacious.

  2. You still look awesome even after cleaning and such... Beautiful eyes! *Maria*

  3. You always look beautiful! Love your home, sooooo cool!

  4. Love your place! Haha, love the last pic of you, you DO look a bit crazy!

  5. You have gorgeous eyes!!! I love the blue! I know what you mean about avoiding the scale, I've been on plateau for the last month or so and it just finally started moving. I was ready to chuck it out the window!

  6. I think I have just has many DVD's as you! Your house is lovely and I can't wait to get back to oz and get my own place again. At the moment I am living in a studio in the desert and there is no homliness about it....also, I don't go out anywhere near as much as I used or should now...definitely become a home body! gotta get the groove back on.

  7. Love your place! Awww, your such a pretty girl!

  8. LOL! I love all your pictures! I love your art work and your map of the world! I so want all the world has to offer me too! I laughed at your "sad" pic cuz I do the same thing too. I dunno why but sometimes when I'm down I just get the urge to take my picture then I laugh at myself for hours! :D At least we know how to make ourselves happy for a moment!!!