Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My gosh... where do i even start!?

When i say im confused it usually means i really am confused.
I said a little in my last big post about how i went to the surgeon and he got angry at me eating to much... now being on here it seems that some of you think me not eating until 5pm is wise... so what im going to do is try and have a little afternoon snack ie Cruskits and Hummus.

So anyways hopefully that will help things along.

Its TTOTM for me and its so frustrating.... i have an Implanon (Implanon, made by Organon International, is a single-rod long acting reversible hormonal contraceptive subdermal implant that is inserted just under the skin of a woman's upper arm. The 4 cm by 2 mm Implanon rod contains 68 milligrams of etonogestrel (a progestin) which is released over a three year period.) and this has made this pretty annoying over the past 3 years. My periods have become incredibly irregular and it makes things quite frustrating as im always up and down.... the last month i have probably had TTOTM about 3 times..... yep, horrible! This has also lead to me being frustrated with my scales because its fluctuating between 2-3kilos.... im guessing you guys have heard it all before and what im saying is nothing new. This makes me feel a little bleh as i was loosing weight daily and at the moment nothing is happening. I shouldnt be weighing myself everyday because it does make me annoyed.

Those of you who are in AUS where did you buy your scales? Do you find them effective... i think my scales are pretty dodgy and maybe i need to invest in a better set?

In other news i keep waking up around midnight (before the surgery i had this problem) and sometimes i eat.... i think im half asleep when i do it, ill have a drink and last night i had to SAO crackers with Philly Cheese on them (80% less fat) andi felt horrid, although it is TTOTM.

I see people writting on their page how much they love their bands.... im not at that stage, i dont feel yet like i can enjoy it but thats probably because it is so early on. I have had my surgery for i think 1 month and 1 week.... so i guess im just antsy.... i wanna start trying on clothes that are smaller like you guys ahahah im jealous!

One of my girlfriends has just decided to get the surgery so im excited i will have a buddy along the way.... im trying to encourage her to get on this because this support is fantastic and you cant find this anywhere i nWA.


I also wanted to note that i have now quit smoking for nearly 2 months... something like 52 days... before i had the surgery i quit and i gained a considerable ammount of weight because i gave up the cigarettes and exchanged them for food. As im so tall the Surgeon didnt ask for me to go on a diet beforehand.... trust me i regret the weight i gained in the end something crazy.... anywhoo im totally proud that i dont smoke anymore its good saving money... i do miss it sometimes though. Quitting cold turkey after 10yrs of smoking is pretty rock n roll!

Thats enough for now i guess.... im sorry if i blog to much ahahah.

PS. YOU GUYS ROCK! thanks for all the comments.


  1. Darlin' what you're feeling is perfectly normal. It's called BANDSTER HELL!!! And it is hell! You will love your band - I promise :-)

  2. I hope so! Its so great seeing how everyone loves it... i dont like feeling dark on my band but at the moment its all a bit blerg. Hopefully things will be getting better ASAP!


  3. I just recently started seeing the darn scale move in the "right" direction. I was banded May 10th and until I had my first fill...I was stuck at the same damn weight. It was VERY frustrating! I kept second guessing my decision to get the band and kept thinking that I would fail at this too but after my first fill...things are SO much better. Hang in there, it will get better.

  4. **I just started following you**, yeah the beginning "bandster hell" is tough or rough, or however you want to look at it. After the 2 or 3rd fill things will be a bit easier and gradually you will get more used to it!!!