Monday, July 26, 2010

A little quicky!

So i jumped on the scales today and even though i wobbled a bit on them to see if i had lost anything (when i say wobble it means i moved myself so that it says i have lost weight ahahaha) it says i lost 300grams(300 g = 1.102 lbi think?).... ahahaha well i hope i have because at the moment im holding onto anything because it has offically been 2 weeks with no weightloss! lets hope this is true!

Two people at work this morning told me i looked skinnier ahahah everytime i wear this dress people always think i look smaller ahahah the dress is winning.. not sure i am.

Its Monday and work is hell..... George Carlin is wise...

Anyways im sure ill post something more interesting later.


  1. I think I need one of those dresses that makes me look smaller when I wear it!

  2. Ditto about the dress!
    I wish I could wear dresses period. But anything that makes me look slimmer tends to get worn out very early :P

  3. I'd need a funhouse mirror to look thinner...LOL. We are all shrinking... It is a slow process but it is happening. Keep up the Good work! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog

  4. Those plateaus are horrendous.. hang in there, chickadee.. you WILL get through it. Anything you can do to shake things up? Eat more? Walk more? All this will help. Love you had a skinny dress - I need me one of those!! lol

  5. oops HAVE a skinny dress. damn typo lol

  6. Hey a loss is a loss. You are doing well.

    Sounds like you had a fun night. Snake skin boy is a bit of a cutie. ;)