Friday, July 23, 2010

You guys are so cute,funny,awesome,amazing... the list goes on and on!

Ladies, ladies, ladies... you are all so wonderful!

Here i was thinking i was stuck at 29 and that was a huge no no... now at 36 and proud and excited by new friends/followers!
I loved the comments on the chicken in a can ... ahahah!
Sandy made me LOL with this one- "I never really understood the PB name. You don't have to be "stuck" to PB. So burp like a guy and tell everyone you have to get the air out. Go ahead and fart too, as long as it isn't a Productive fart:-)"
AHAHAHA.... best ever!
Im still stuck... no movement on the scales but i know that this week has been a lazy week for eating and being strict on myself in general... being half in and out of work has meant i have eaten more... when im at work i eat so much less!
On the positive side of things... this morning i walked the dog for 30mins then came home and played on Wii the game Just Dance which im sure some of you have heard about... i did this for 30mins and i was in total sweats at the end... good work out!

This song is my favourite and gets me pumped, i wish the whole game had songs and dances like this one.... it was ROCKING!
Here is a song from the band im currently listening to... you guys might like it!

So cute!
This weekend i plan on doing alot more of Just Dance and burning some serious calories! I feel so much better when i exercise i dont understand why i dont do it more.
THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY HEY.... well on my side of the world it is ahahaha.
Great friend from years back has come back from Europe and i havent seen her for like 4 years and i cant wait to catch up with her and fill her in on everything, then she is moving back to Melb and i will go visit... so many friends live in Melb now... i might have to move there ahaha.
Picture time!

This is the logo for my paintings (this is part of one of my bettie page paintings)

My favourite painting i did that i will probably never sell.

This is from last year when i had lost about 10kilos (then i gained that and more back) its a flattering shot of me in my bathers

Myself and the boy i used to have a crush, we had a weird and whacko relationship, i dont see him really anymore.

POrtrait i did of myself last year in winter when i had my bangs.

Super fun happy times.... bring on the weekend... heres hoping i get through work today being sane.

Today i will consume-

9:00 Large skinny cappuccino 1 sugar

12:00pm 3 cruskits with low fat philly cheese, shaved chicken and alfalfa's

2:00pm 1 tub of dairy farmers 98% fat free strawberry yoghurt

As from here on.... im not sure ahahah.


  1. Mmm, I could go for one of those skinny cappuccinos right now! :) Love the pics!

  2. Wow! I knew you were gorgeous but Megan out! Do you have the Greek yogurt there? It is power packed with protein and you get it in several flavors or flavor it yourself. Are you on facebook? If so and I don't annoy you enough on here, click my facebook thingy on my blog and we can be fast friends there too.

  3. "He called me baby, baby..all night long"

    I LOVE THAT SONG! It is on my iPod!

    You are sooooo beautiful and an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

  4. Yay, if youa re on FB....look me up!

  5. Love Love Love the Bettie Page art!
    I want it!

  6. Oh and Melbourne is the best city in Australia!
    (Warning: I may be biased :P)

  7. Just to let you know, I found your blog throught Maria mentioning it on her blog. Nice to meet you and best of luck to you on your journey. I was banded on 2/23 and have lost 50 lbs so far. It's a journey filled with ups and downs, but the blogger support has been wonderful. Good luck to you!

  8. Hey guys!

    Thanks so much for the comments....

    Sorry to let everyone down but i deleted facebook just after my surgery... i had something like 370 people on there that i knew but didnt want to know THAT much on so i deleted it..... so i only really use this blog now.

    I got rid of a lot of vexatious things when i had the surgery.

  9. Hahhaa productive fart!! That is hilarious, I must have missed that on the last post!

    Also, I have Just Dance as well and that is my favorite song to do!!! I was doing that game for my exercise every other day until I got a gym membership and now I haven't touched it for a while. :( Fun game, though!

  10. I just started following you. Great blog! We were banded on the same day!