Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ok this is wrong...

ok so i just had a whole bowl of these special noodles i make.

i make egg noodles with bacon bits, eggs, Parmesan cheese, onion, basil and chilli flakes with butter and a little bit of vegetable oil. Not healthy..... i really dont think its healthy at all... anyways i thought stuff it ill have something a bit naughty tonight and make it... and it was yum.... and i ate a whole bowl of it... it was probably 2 cups worth.... oh my :(

Arent i meant to throw heavier stuff up?! how am i eating this much and this kind of stuff?!

Oh and i also shopped when i was SUPER hungry and ate like 4 pieces of dairy milk chocolate.... today = fail.


  1. No way is any of this a fail. You are in such early stages yet that you will learn what is good and not. And while I'm surprised you got noodles down at this stage of the game - knowing it wasn't a super great choice is half the battle, you know? We live and learn lol. Trust me, we've all been there!!

  2. This isn't a diet - there are no fails here!!

    Hang in there - Bandster Hell is tough!

  3. No fail! Keep your head up and try again.

  4. You are early on so probably won't throw much up yet. Also, throwing up is not a DESIRED outcome.. it means you did something wrong and it is NOT good for the and to throw up all the time, so don't shoot for it.

    If you don't have enough restriction and can eat more than you think you should, then you need a fill and I believe you mentioned that you were getting one soon, so relax, you are in bandster hell. Just try not to gain too much weight during this time, but don't be so harsh on yourself, without restriction, how do you expect the band to restrict your portions? :)

  5. You are way too hard on yourself. No fail here, it was just one meal that you ate when you do not have a lot of restriction.

    By the way, tried your cruskit lunch yesterday - I had forgotten how good those things are, It was a lovely light lunch :)

    And please don't count chocolate as a failure (otherwise I am will have to admit I fail like three times a week at least). At least you only had four pieces, how many would you have eaten before?

    It's a learning curve, not a diet, you will make it through with flying colours:)

  6. We all have these slip-ups! You are not a failure. It's hard at the beginning since restriction isn't at optimal levels. You recognizing this isn't a good habit is the first step :)

  7. You are getting a fill soon, so you will be fine. You have already lost a lot of weight!

    It was three months for me before I lost more than 5 kgs. I know that it is hard because you want it to come off quickly, but it's a process.

    You are doing brilliantly!!!