Monday, July 19, 2010

Derby baby...

This will only be quick... as im at work and id rather write a bigger blog when i get home.

When i have lost a good chunk of this weight im joining roller derby and im gonna kick some ASS.

Thats another one of my goals :D
On a random note... i need a shoehorn.


  1. I saw a segment on Oprah the other day where they took these ladies and helped them go outside their comfort zones.

    One of the things they did was Roller Derby!!! How much fun would that be?!!!

    The other two were sky diving and skinny dipping. Pretty telling that the only thing I wouldn't be up for would be the skinny dipping (my fatty mentality!!)

  2. Are you sure we aren't the same person?!!!

    Man I would love to do Roller Derby
    I think the girls that do it are so hot!

    Have you seen Whip It?
    I'm in LOVE with that movie

    Do they do it in Australia?

  3. Ahahah have i seen Whip it..... ahhah you dont even know my vice when it comes to dvds and movies... i have like over 1000 movies lol.
    Whip it was AWESOMEEEEEEE i bought the soundtrack too you should get it.

    There is R Darby everywhere in Aus now... in WA we have like 4 leagues i think..... its going pretty well here and i think they tornaments for each state.

    You should get into it... if you have facebook search AUS Roller Derby, when i had facebook i was on all the derby pages.

  4. One of my goals is to join derby, too!!! :)

  5. I would never join because it looks dangerous but I do think the girls doing it look kick ass!!