Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have HUGE burps after nearly every meal.... once i have burped i usually feel 100% better... after reading Sandys blog it is making me confused as to whether this is a good or bad thing and is this a PB?

Nearly every time after i eat i have these massive burps that go for forever. If i slouch when i eat then stand up i burp and its so relieving.

I thought PB was when you vomited but it seems im wrong?

Is this burping ok? or is burping bad for the band?

Ahaha i sound stupid...


  1. Burping is fine... as far as I know, it doesn't hurt the band at all... A PB is a Productive Burp which is when you burp up a ball of food that was blocking your band opening... It doesn't hurt and has only happened to me once or twice.The ball of food is wrapped in mucus... Sounds nasty, right? I had to ask too, when I was first banded. Sliming is more like vomiting but again mucus is very much involved in that too. That happens to me more often, unfortunately. It's nasty, and seems to happen to me when I eat out so I'm humiliated in public...LOL. With mucusy goo all over my shirt, while high-tailing it to the bathroom. These things happen when you overeat, eat too fast or don't chew enough... The regular burping just helps the food go thru the band area, i think. I am still learning to eat slower and chew my food completely, a work in prgress you could say. ^Maria^-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  2. No - you aren't stupid!!!!

    It's hard to get your head around the band at first.

    Alot of us find that we have more wind since getting banded.

    A PB is a Productive Burp - it's a burp that brings up food.

    Not fun!!!!

  3. Thanks MAria, that was wickedly helpful!

    I thought PB was the same as vomiting but i guess not.

    I haven't Pb'd or vomited since i had the surgery.... i hope i never do as i have a ffear of vomiting which nearly stopped me from getting the surgery all together.

  4. I did huge burps for a month or so after my band as well both when I was on liquids and real food. It's fine :-)

  5. I burp all the time since surgery, it is normal. PB is when something comes up, if you are just burping it is nothing but that, burping! I have these huge long burps all the time, it's awesome. My hubby is extra turned on by those (kidding lol).

  6. I am sorry I got you confused. Tina added some extra info which I added to my post. Burp as much as you can. All is ok. If food comes up with the burp it is called a Productive Burp since you got some food up with it. Usually it is some of the food that is still in the pouch or esophagus. Vomiting is more like your stomach contracting violently and pushing the food out-think food poisoning vomiting.

    I never really understood the PB name. You don't have to be "stuck" to PB. So burp like a guy and tell everyone you have to get the air out. Go ahead and fart too, as long as it isn't a Productive fart:-)