Monday, July 19, 2010

Electoral enrolment....

Gotta love that they have called an election here in Australia in August and of course im not currently enrolled to vote.... yep at 25 i didnt enroll ahahahh im silly.
After work turned into running a mad race to get enrolled to vote because i dont watch the news or really listen to much politics as i dont like the negativity of it all.

Im feeling more comfortable with my band.... its not my best friend yet but we are getting along better then before.

You know whats weird.... normally i would freak out about not having any food in the house for dinner but i dont care... theres always a little something now... because i dont eat like crazy anymore, just having a little of something is ok by me.... im pretty hungry right now its6:30pm as i just got home had a shower and put on Neighbours ahhaha.

I went for a walk this morning.... i dont normally do that but i got up off my bum and went for 40minutes.... i feel like i should do that for my dog more then for myself.... tomorrow ill hopefully do the same :)

Today what i consumed:-
9:00am Large skim milk latte 2 sugars
1:00pm 3 low fat cruskits with 80% light philly cheese and shaved chicken breast with alfalfas ontop.My cruskits i made for lunch (i ate one before i took the photo)
I think at least 1 liter of water so far.
As for dinner... i have no idea... i got something for the dog and then after neighbours i might have either yoghurt or instant mash and ill probably have 2 tbsp of milo in skim milk later (thats my one vice).

Today was horrid at work.... im living in hell at the moment there (sounds bad but i still like my job but it has some rough days) but its ok the girl im great friends with is back tomorrow :D

I took a photo of myself at work... i could have taken a more flattering less doofus looking shot but i thought meh... ill show my AWESOME (sarcasm) rolls ahahah.

Here is a more flattering shot of me sitting in my car at one of my properties....

I love my sunglassses!!!
I took this photo today at one of my properties and edited it a bit.... i think it ended up pretty cool!


  1. you are absolutely stunning!
    and I really dread having to vote :(

    Julia Guillard is actually from my home town so I guess I'll vote for her
    But I really don't have any interest in politics

  2. Nice pictures, I love the purple on you. I am trying to figure out what cruskits are... actually I am trying to figure out what all of the food you eat is, lol! They look good whatever they are! :)

  3. Isn't it great to NOT have food on your mind all the time? Are cruskits like crackers?

  4. LOVE THE GLASSES!! My band and I are still in the acquaintance phase, hoping to be BFF's some day. That turkey and sprouts meal looks soooooooo good!! I gotta start putting more time and effort into my meals.

  5. Who to vote for, that is the question - I don't trust either of them.

    Love the pictures and you lunch looks great, I may try a version of that myself today.

  6. Thanks guys!

    @ Jannelle- whats funny is that i HATE purple ahahah.... but most of the things i hate actually look good on me lol. Cruskits are like a light cracker... kind of like a wafer bread i think is the best way to describe them.

    @ Dee- Ahaha its awesome when i dont have food on my mind because i pretty much ALWAYS have food on my mind.. i have noticed its sporatic, like today all i have thought about is food.

    @ Pie- Thanks! Its hard to become friends with your band... i was hating on it alot but im tryng to get closer to it... when i start loosing more weight again we will probably become friends ahahah

    @ Sam- God i have no idea who to vote... i dont really like either party either but i have heard if Greens get in our electricity bills will go up nearly another $40 and for me thats another huge hit so as much as i love the greens i dunno if i will go that way!
    Give the cruskits a go they are great!

  7. lol I just sent you an email talking about cruskits and how our US friends have NO idea what they are.
    Great lunch. I just had an idea about another food I ate at your stage. Will head for your next post.
    PS You are GORGEOUS!! Your skin is to die for.