Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Baby how long do i have to waitttt..."

It seems i have reached BANDSTER HELLL!!!! Still no weight loss.... i also hate my scales and might buy some new ones... hahaha imagine if i buy some of im bigger on the other set... now that would be pretty depressing. So yep i think its 8 days and not one little bit of weightloss... im feeling pretty good at the moment so im not letting it get me down.

Today seems to be taking its sweeeeet time.... yesterday flew and today seems to be draggin something crazy.


What was one of the most unusual/weird films you have ever watched?

I know thats not band related but i just was curious.... one of my favourite odd ball films of all time (and i have watched some whack films... try hedwig and the angry inch ahaha) it The Rock Horror Picture Show.... man Tim Curry... his so hot hot hot in this film... yep his in drag but it makes him incredibly sexy...

Its 11:55am here.... so far ive only had my 9:00am Large skinny latte. Im hungry but not.... I have my 2nd fill booked for the 4th August... im excited and nervous for it as i think it will create some good restriction for me, im hoping itll cut down my portion size as im not eating to much right now but im having big'ish portions.
Heres me drinking my token morning coffee at work..

Loosing some more weight would be nice too!

I did my hair a bit different this morning so i thought id post a pic (i love when people post pics so i thought other people might like it too... hope you guys dont get annoyed that i post so much?!) my hair looks frizzy in the photo but its not thattt bad in person ahaha.

When i have curly'ish hair

Also here is a pic of my dog.... last night when we were just chilling out he looked hilarious the way he was lying down.... this photo doesnt give it justice at how funny he looked.


Also I know a few of you have been asking what Cruskits are..... hmmm how to describe, they are a light cracker which when you eat the no fat ones you could eat a whole box as they are so yummy and made with alot of butter but i have the light ones. Here is a weblink to a nutritional info


They are pretty tasty for a snack bread/cracker.... its a bit lame you dont have them in USA.


  1. Ash love that photo you took of you at work today. It's very beautiful! You can tell so much in your face how much weight you have lost.
    Luv you p.s this is my first comment i have posted ha ha.

  2. Love your hair! Wish I had long curly hair....keep the pics coming! We don't have those cruskits in Canada either!

  3. During bandster hell I actually dieted. I tracked calories and exercise on my iphone. Once the fills made my hunger disappeared I stopped because there was no need. Also, you need to start looking for NSV's to validate your hard work when the scale is not. Try to add a NSV to your blog so you can look at it :)

  4. 1.Hedwig and the angry inch was deffinitly a strange movie. LOVED Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

    2.What a pretty pretty lady keep the pics comming!

    3.My dogs do weird things like that, what kind of dog is he?

  5. Posts without pics are not complete! I love picture posts so please continue :)

  6. Love RHPS! And Tim Curry is very hot in it :)

    You are gorgeous, btw! I love your hair!!