Sunday, July 18, 2010

Binge terrors! (Picture heavy)

By golly... what the hell happened last night!?!!??!!?!?!?
Just before 9pm i went insane... i had a large low fat chocolate drink and then ate 5 SAO cracks with butter and Vegemite and 5 Low fat cruskits with low fat Philly cheese and i scoffed them..... it was insane.... i just ate ate and ate. I didnt think i would be able to do things like that but i did and i felt horrid for it.

Yesterday i had-

10am Coffee with Spirulina in it

1pm i wholemeal muffin toasted with low fat chunky peanut butter and alfalfa's

2pm 2 plain low fat cruskits

7pm half a handful of mixed boiled cut up veggies and half a palm size of garlic lemon pepper fish and lemon juice


Today so far-

10am coffee with spirulina and thats IT, have had nothing else so far and its 12:30pm just after lunch and im going to try and hold off before i start grazing.
1:30pm 1 cup of pea and ham soup and 1 half of a toasted wholemeal muffin with a small amount of butter.
5:00pm 2 tablespoons milo and cold skim milk
7:30pm 1 cup instant mash with low fat cheese and low fat sour cream with 2 scrambled eggs which was made with a little skim milk and small amount of butter in the pan

I felt so bad about last night :(

DONT WORRY KIDDIES i still havent lost anything for now officially 7 days :( this is getting annoying..... i do tend to forget i lost alot of weight in just over a month so i cant kick myself.

Here is a photo of me and my friend Liz.... she is like a walking piece of art and her hair is so crazy..... she hangs with my goth bunch of friends but she is sooo awesome, she lost a little bit of weight just recently too which im super proud of her.
I understand some of you once you have seen this photo will go WOAHHHH that girl looks all kind of crazy but if you met her you would see she is the most sweet and kind hearted person out there. I love people who are unique and willing to be OUT there and she rocks it. This is my favourite of the many hair colourings she has done.... this yellow is literally FLURO in person... its crazy.
My friend LIz on the left and me on the right taken on Friday me at 25 ahahah (25 Arghhh)
My beautiful and unique friend Liz

So i thought i would attempt to find some old photos of myself as a blonde teenager and i succeeded.... this was when i went to the gym everyday and calorie counted everything and i was a skinny minny with a 6 pack stomach...... me blonde was weird but im kinda tempted to go back when i have lost the weight.

Me and my best friend NAt (he was beau of the ball) at age 17
This is at the after ball more of a body shot at age 17
Full length shot at the ball age 17
Me and my friend Gia at my 21st im on the left at age 21 obviously lol
Me and some friends at my 21st, i look fat... and well i was fat then ahhaahha
I would be about 21 in this photo i think
This is a photo i edited from my work ball in 09 age 24... this photo is cool then the one below is nasty
Kind of full length shot of me before the work ball in 09 age 24 i look stupid!
I would probably be 21 in this shot

I had a nervous breakdown when i was 20 and moved back with my parents for a little while this shot was when my parents got our puppy JAk..... that puppy got me through my rough patch.

So thats a little bit of me over the years..... from a pic taken 2 nights ago to photos dating back 7 years ago.... its crazy how much i think ive changed and how much i still think i look the same.... ive had the weight issue for years but i look back when i was skinnier and i thought i was fat and i think now my god you were silly, thats what being a teenager will do.



  1. your friend looks amazing!
    it annoys me when people judge others by the way they dress...alot of my friends have a really out there sense of style and i so admire them for not caring about what others think

    you are also so beautiful!
    you were back then and you still are now!
    I really like your dark hair...but blonde also looked really good on you. I wish I had the complexion to go lighter!

    Love seeing all your photos!
    keep posting :D

  2. You friend is Inquisite... really beautiful! You are so gorgeous and you look great now and then. I like you better with dark hair. Only because you are more unique looking. You look beautiful as a blonde too but the dark hair and light eyes is amazing. Like Megan Fox. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  3. Amazing - I love these pics. You look great as either a blond or dark - the dark is more mysterious but hey being blond isn't bad either - I'm a blond in so many ways (especially the DOH kind lol I'm always doing dopey crap.)

  4. Thanks ladies....

    Who knows whether i will go blonde or not.... stripping black hair would be hard ahahah plus my hair is super long (i call it mermaid hair ahah) so doing anything drastic is a big step these days even tho when i was younger i was super adventurous with my hair.

  5. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Thank you for following me. I look forward to reading your blog. :)