Monday, July 26, 2010

Charlie and the chocolate factory....

Oh me oh my.... i love my friends but they are evil at the same time.....

Decided to hang out with some mates tonight and they wanted to go to San Churros (sp?)i had heard of it but wasnt sure what it was i just thought it was a stock standard cafe..... oh no of course not... its a cafe dedicated to chocolate.... taking me to a chocolate cafe OMG thats like letting me loose at willy wonkas chocolate factory.

So i had a milkshake and i drank it all... tsk tsk and i ate half of a Spanish donut with hot choc sauce also half of a small 20cent piece size hazelnut chocolate..... nom nom nom.

HEre i was saying how happy i was i lost a bit of weight but now ive prob gained it lol.

Today i had-

9:00am 1 large skim milk cappuccino with 1 sugar
1:00pm 4 low fat cruskits with low fat philly cheese and alfalfa sprouts
From here on i didnt have anything other then a bit of water and then the chocolate heaven.

I also bought a cute little diary to start writing down what im eating each day :D

I have photos from chocolate heaven adventures. I ended up feeling super awesome because i turned this singlet dress thing into a boob tube/dress top, i tried getting some photos so you can see it, not full length as full length with me looks nasty...

The diary i bought to journal my food

The panoramic shot i took of the cafe
Death by milkshake!!!!
My beautiful friends!
The cafe
The Spanish donuts.... so good... its ok i only ate half of 1
Me attempting to get a photo of the outfit ahhaha
Me in the car :D


  1. churros (spanish donuts) YUM! thank goodness i haven't been tempted with these yet! :) you always have such great pics!

  2. Hey - In my opinion you showed pretty good restraint!! Don't you just love the band?!!

    BTW - you look gorgeous :-)

  3. Those churros and that milkshake look delicious!

    Cute pics!

  4. I was super surprised in myself for holding back too.... having the milkshake and half of one of the spanish donuts was very satisfying and in the end my girlfriend and i were SOOoooo full from the drinks (she had more obviously ahaha) and then her boyfriend went and got subway after aswell ahahah. boys!

  5. Everything looks so darn good!
    But you look gorgous!!