Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gee wow those pink snake skin pants are SEXY!

It seems this blog has turned into my journal now.... although its funny i actually value the opinions of the women on here more then the opinions placed on facebook and other journals. I think its probably because more of you can relate.

I will get to the title soon.

I have set myself some other little goals... im going to buy a calorie counting book... i think that would be a good way to watch whats going into my mouth and help me plan what i will eat. As i said in an older post i want to buy myself a nice little notepad to write in honestly everything i eat all day! which includes the tablespoons of milo i have been having recently.
Im so hungry these days.... its whacked out... im aching for this fill.... i feel like its all out of control at the moment and im super jealous seeing the other women gaining such control with the band and in alot of cases i dont feel like i have control. Heres hoping on 4th August my next fill sorts some stuff out for awhile.

Last night turned into a wacko adventure. I didnt think i would go out and i kept telling people no as a couple of people asked me to hang out but i just didnt feel upto it.... i have been using a lot of excuses to stay home but its not good, if i stay in i eat. I used to go out all the time, i would be the social butterfly but these days i dont feel like investing my time in a lot of people, only those who i really appreciate being around.
Anywhoo... one of my girlfriends just came back from Europe and she had bought tickets to the Bright Side festival and she had an extra one because one of her friends was sick and she offered it to me for free (they were $125) but the only reason they went was for The Strokes who is one of my favourite bands as well... we giggle with eachother that we would hunt down and steal Julian (the lead singer) and have lots of babies with him. So anyways with like an hour notice i quickly got ready (i went out with hairy legs ewwww lucky no one could notice ahahah) and headed to their house where we catched a taxi into the city.
I hate crowds and festivals as you get abunch of random people who sometimes dont love the band you came to see or they are just drunken douchebags, which in this case there were plenty of them! Other then the mass of knobs it was awesome, The Strokes always rock my jocks. We were a bit far back but we had fun dancing and rocking out. After the festival we went to the pub the Lucky Shag to get some money, have a drink and think about what was next... i wasnt drinking as i dont really want to drink much now i have had the surgery so i stole my friends beer he was drinking and had sips.... we met a random boy who was wearing an op shop shirt and snake skin pink pants... he was about as insane as us.... so we adopted him and walked back through the city to find a taxi to go to Amps but alas there was a stupid huge line so we decided to go to this lame ass bar and wait for this other club to open at 12 with adopted boy in toe. My friend bought me a beer and i finished it... i didnt want to waste it ahahah. Anywhoo snakeskin boy eventually left and we hung out for a bit more at a few places and all in all it was a fun random adventure.
At the end of the night they wanted to get McDonalds so we went they got 2 large big mac meals and i ordered myself a small choc thickshake... i hope that was ok?! I normally would have gotten a large big mac meal too and it was weird for me to get others food and only have something little for myself but it was good because i didnt feel like anything heavy.

I have been exercising more tho which is good but i have told myself i can have Sundays off and just chill.
Masterchef final is on tonight OMG.

Im not going to write down what i ate.... its all to sad as i dont think im having as many healthy options as i was at the start.

So heres some photos of last nights craziness.....
This was a photo of Julian singing on the big screen that was there
The stage and The StrokesThe crowd and you can see how far back we were... the crowd of douchebags.One of my friends
My friend and i in the crowd

The amazing snake skin pink pantsI took this shot when we were in of the bathrooms because it made my eyes go CRAZY and glass like.Chilling at a crappy bar waiting for another bar to openAdopted snake skin pants boyI stole my friends glasses.... i want glasses.
My with my beer.... tsk tsk i shouldnt have had it.... when someone buys you a beer you should drink it tho... ahahha

ps. i cant wait until i loose some more weight so i can take some full body shots so you guys can see the REAL me. I also only just worked out how to change the stupid time on my blog ahhaha.


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from - it's frustrating waiting to get to the 'sweet spot'.

    Hang in there!!!

    Looks like you had a fun night :-)

  2. LOVE that pic of you taken from the mirror - your eyes ARE insane.. insanely gorgeous.
    I remember the days when we used to 'adopt' people too lol those hanger oners that you can't seem to let go because they seem such fun. Sounds like you had a great night! Love those pants too - takes a brave man to wear something like that but he pulled it off.

  3. The pic of you in the mirror is beautiful!

    Those snakeskin pants are... wow, just wow. :)

  4. Love the pants, love the bathroom photo of you, and love the good time you had... You look like you had a great time, I'm glad you got talked into going, Don't worry... your fill will come soon, *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  5. Sounds like a fun time and love the pics!

  6. Sounds like fun minus the douchers. I used to go to shows all the time, but these days my patience is thin when it comes to lame people...

    You are gorgeous! I just love your eyes and your make-up :)

  7. Love your eyes! I want some snakeskin pants too!

  8. Those pants are HOT!! ha ha ha
    Sounds like a fun night!

  9. Nice pants!
    Awww, you look cute in glasses.

  10. I would sooooo lick adopted, pink, snake skin pants boy!!! And you should for sure get glasses, you look adorable in them!!!

  11. i love your eyes! like a doll lol amazing