Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a crud day....

I had such a crud day at work today..... its sad.... today made me feel horrible because there was someone in the office who made me doubt why i stayed in this industry and whats the point of working in it if they take away the one thing im good at and am so proud of.

What made it worse i went shopping to try and find something to wear for the ball and im incredibly particular.... i failed.

I went to my sisters for dinner tonight.... omg.... home made roast and she is so fabulous she does everything organically, i had one small piece of roast chicken breast, a small roasted pumking piece, some baked potato and cauliflower but i didnt finish this and half a bread roll.... as well as the smallest slice of cake she made..... IT WAS YUMMMMMM id normally eat double what i did but i stopped myself and felt totally full yay. Yummo... i wish i could have taken photos but my camera died.

Here is my morning coffee with my new coffee place-mat thingo ahahahI dyed my hair last night and i always hate how it leaves a dark ring on my head i look like im wearing a helmet
I found an incredible skirt at the store but it was too small... it was sooo cute and it cost like $700 as it was silk.... anyways i wish i had bought it as a reward for when i can fit it but i stopped myself.... here is a photo of the cute cute skirt!Look its also a full body'ish shot!


  1. Yeah, that's the problem with dark hair colours, but it should fade in a couple of days! Isn't it always the way, when you need to find some specific clothes you can't, but if you didn't have this ball, you'd probably find all kinds of fabulous dresses. I'm sure you'll rock whatever you end up wearing!

  2. What's your natural hair color?

    Your dinner at your sister's house sounds SO good - yum!!

  3. It sucks when someone at work undermines you in that way. You can choose to let it drag you down and defeat you or you can prove the naysayer an ass and use what was said to spur you to do great things.

    That skirt is adorable. But $700.00? Yipes!

  4. Wow, your sister's dinner made me think of Thanksgiving which gave me this total warm fuzzy feeling! I can't wait for autumn!

    That skirt is adorable, but daaaaaaaaamn - $700?!?! As my co-worker would say, "But you can't even eat it!"

    Sorry your coworker ruined your day. I wish people understood what their words have the power to do to people. What industry do you work in, by the way?

  5. Put Vaseline on the hairline before you color and it will wipe right off. I did that when I would dye mine burgundy.