Friday, July 16, 2010

Doing 'a runner...

What a lovely way to start a Friday morning... come in to find a tenant has done a runner.... thats always fun.

This week has NOT been my week.... everyday i wake up and feel a little meh. One of my close friends from work has been on holidays and i know this factors into it as she props me up alot at work and without her here im feeling pretty blah.

When i was on the 6 small meals from the dietitian i felt energetic and i was incredibly positive about the whole thing but now that im not eating anywhere near as much my energy levels suck big time and its making me pretty depressed in the mornings.

Being on solids now and in fear of eating anything solid is making things quite frustrating... im lazy when it comes to cooking (i have been better recently) but im all about things being easy especially when i have no energy. Everyone talks about high protein diets, im barely eating any meats at the moment... actually id say none, you can call me VEGO lol. So what do you guys have for a high protein dinner? should i be cooking more mince maybe although the doc didnt recommend it, i need to cook more fish but buying fresh fish is annoying (can you buy packet fish?). I wish there was agood lap band recipes book, or maybe there is and i was unaware?

I live off coffee now to keep me alive.

I have 2 parties to go to tonight so coffee better work or i will sleep at both of them. Ill attempt at eat maybe some of the party food just to see if it goes down but dont worry i wont be that adventurous and ill probably decide on the healthier options if there are any.

I went to an appointment yesterday and the woman i had a meeting with had lap band surgery for 5 years.... when i left the appointment i felt more depressed then i ever had. She laughed that she thinks she s a bulimic and admits so easily she cheats with the band all the time. She doesnt liek fruit or veg and eats bad food all the time, she was telling em how i could eat certain take aways and what not. GOD DAMNNN i dont wanna know about that. It was horrid. It made me want to be healthier then ever meeting her. Her eyes looked sullen and her skin looked bad... i want to glow and look healthy not skinny and drawn out.

Seeing all the women who have lost so much weight in the year makes me so proud of them.... i love seeing photos of the change and it makes me so incredibly happy for them... and i also get excited that i hope thatll be me just before im 26!

I should be working but i am hating on today and this week..... i need to go buy a 50th birthday present... im thinking a lovely book would be nice!

I loved Spirulina... it felt like it gave me energy

Also.... i have nutriChew orange chewable multivitamins... they taste horrid.... any other ideas for me here in AUS? I used to have Spirulina in my optifast everymorning and i felt that was doing me the world of good but now im not having it because i dont have breakfast anymore.

Nutrichew- i hate these chews they taste nasty and i dont feel like they are giving me any energy.

So things are ok but not great...i hope next week is a better week.

I have lost no weight in 5 days, i keep fluctuating between 1-2 kilos on the scales but it still is TTOTM and because of my Implanon TTOTM is usually pretty erratic and horrible .... :(


  1. I don't eat pig or cows so I am fairly restricted on the types of protein that I eat. I have been eating a lot of fish, some chicken, turkey and veggie alternatives like veggie burgers. I also eat 3 egg whites every morning with a piece of cheese for the added cals and protein. There are lap band friendly cookbooks available. You might want to look at You will get the hang of this. I was a bit depressed after getting the band. I think that it is partly from the shock that our body's experienced from the surgery. Our body's are trying to adjust to the new lifestyle. Just hang in there it will get better especially when you start seeing the scale go down. Take care! (((Hugs)))

  2. That's sooo funny - I love those vitamins :-)

    The band buddies website (where the yucky vitamins come from) has a book that might help you sort out what to eat.

    Hope it helps :-)

  3. Theres a lot of research about breakfast and your Metabolism... I've been reading so much about it.. Protein in the morning ect.. I am still learning

    This week Ive been play around with almonds I have 10 almonds a day when I need a boost..

    TTOTM is killing me at the moment... I just wish it would come and go, so I know whats going on with the scales!!!!

    Have a great weekend x

    Love your posts and all your pics thanks for sharing x

  4. I eat flintstones chewable vitamins and they are YUM!

  5. Thanks guys! im taking your advice..... tonight will be fish for dinner ahhaha.