Sunday, August 1, 2010

Im daft... ahahah

Ahahahah im a douche... i didnt get this whole versatile blooger award, i thought people were just nominating me and i didnt do anything... then i realised im meant to do it too!

Here goes kids!

I was nominated by a few ladies Liz, Maree and Sam. If i missed someone im super sorry.... like i said i didnt realise that when your nominated you follow on the Versatile blogger awards.... Im new to all of this.

“7 things you don’t know about me”
  1. My dad lost his leg in 1995 due to cancer, i was the age of 10, this has affected me to this day.... my upbringing was not like everyone elses due to this.... it also made me the woman i am today but i still have some hang ups about it.
  2. I have a sister who is 7 years older then me who is happily married and id says shes a yuppy hippy... shes very conscious of our environment and the world that my niece is being brought up in. She gave us my wonderful niece Poppy and this little girl is so super cool.
  3. Im ridiculously opinionated and debate all the time. Friends who love me, have hung around because they love that side of my personality, but some cant handle the fact that i say it as it is.... i never say anything to hurt anyone, its only in hopes they will become a better person in some of the advice i give.
  4. When i was 14 i tried killing myself by over dosing on my dads pills..... this was a really rough time for me... i think everyone has teenager woes, i certainly had them. I hated myself and the world around me. Being a manic depressant it lets me see things in another light which isnt always a good thing.
  5. I LOVE CHOCOLATE.... its my best friend but we have a love hate relationship....dag nab it.
  6. Im ridiculously fascinated in serial killers and whacked out religions and cults. Its an interesting thing to think how the mind works and why so many seek out recluse in some more of group or community. Im saddened by the fact alot of people cant find inner strength. When i was younger i used to obsessively read up about serial killers.... how interesting would it to know why the mind does what it does.
  7. I have never been inlove... (other then with chocolate).
I would love to nominate another bunch of wonderful women but most of you have been nominated from what i can see.... so im not sure there is any point?

Thanks guys.... YOU ROCK.


  1. Congrats on your award!

    I like people who are opinionated - they're far more interesting to be around. :)

  2. Congratulations on your award. I'm sure there are alot of people out there who can relate to troubled teenage years. Me included.

  3. Congratulations! Don't you wish chocolate was extremely healthy for you and that it made you lose weight. I love Chocolate as well!!

  4. So I just nominated you for another award :P
    But I'll let you off the hook from writing another blog about it!

  5. I'm trying to catch up on your blog. We are a lot a like! ;)