Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zoom Zoom!

Mike messaged me last night if he could come over and play Wii Mariokart ahaha i laughed and said yes... it basically meant me sitting next to him giving him shit and watching him act like an excited child. Its his birthday this Saturday and i havent gotten him anything yet... im a crap friend.

Here are photos of him playing like a little kid-One of my clients wanted to have lunch with me today to talk life and discuss his options.... he is super super good looking, very pretty looking in comparison to the other boys i know, so anyways he took me to lucnh and we talked alot about life and what not... his a year younger then me and going through a lot, we talked about him buying property worth over $1million and his 24.... i kind of have a small crush on him so lunch was fun. I told him i had the surgery and he laughed when he saw how much lunch i ate.
I have hit the bad time at work where im about to fall asleep... a lot to do but i cant concertrate on doing anything.
I dont have anything reall exciting to say.... Mike and i might go see CKY on Wed night.... they ar e band from America... that could be fun.
I was meant to see Florence and the Machine tonight but she is too expensive so no to that.
Anywhoo.... maybe ill blog later, maybe i wont.... just to leave you guessing :D


  1. Haha, I think we all turn into little kids when we play video games like that. So fun! I like the painting above your TV.

  2. Mario kart is definitely fun...we have it but don't play it much, I wonder why?

  3. That boy is hot!!! I think I'd jump on that. Sorry if TMI.

  4. Why is this Mike go over all the time? Is he single? Is he secretly carrying a monster crush for you??