Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its all trial and error....

Who knows whether im doing it right or wrong.....i think im doing it right but then i worry that i might be wrong and just not know.

I lost a little in the past week but not much. Something like 400gram loss which is better then no loss at all.

My friend Jess went into for her surgery today and everything went fabulous! Ill be visiting her soon to make sure all is going well and take some metamucil with me ahahah.

I went to lunch today with a boy i have known for something like 8 years..... he was my mortgage broker, we have always flirted and mucked around a little. There was a photo and a write up on him in my local newspaper and i took a pic of the article and sent the pic to him saying "bow chicka wow wow id tap that" ahhaha and he messaged back "ahaha you crack me up, you have my number!" and so today we went out for lunch together which was nice.... we are very similar.... both Geminis.... anyways it was good...

here aare some photos-
Brendan not happy with me taking pictures of him at lunch hahah
Our lunch, pasta and salad from Sumo Salad
Him being coy because of the camera lol
My fake nails :D and big nose...
The waterproof bandage over my implanon hole
Me with the lovely bush background lol


  1. I always love your crazy photos! And I love your manicure!

  2. Love your glasses (and cleavage! lol) - he looks like a sweet but secretly naughty boy. Have fun!! hee hee.

  3. Love the last pic of you! And he's adorable.

  4. He's a bit cute. Love your hair up like that also.

  5. Love the nails. And your lunch partner wasn't too bad either:)

  6. Love your nails and sun glasses!

  7. I am a Gemini as well! He IS cute. You have good taste in men!

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh now I see! You are a wonderful Gemini! Makes perfect sense to me!!! I am an aquarius, which is a fellow air sign! Makes us have lots in common and crave the unconventional! I'll tell ya though, Gemini men are good in bed but sensitive little boys! :/ I couldn't handle it, my ex Gemini cried more than me! He was also very jealous! This guy is ahottie, love what you sent to him, let us know what happens!

  9. Love the nails! The photos you take are fantastic. What kind of camera do you have? That guy is cute as.