Monday, August 23, 2010


OK guys so tell me what you think?

Do you think you loose weight faster when you do a small amount of exercise or does it not matter either way?

This may sound like a stupid question but with having the surgery alot of people dont exercise but loose the weight but does the weight drop off longer because you dont exercise?

I dont want my weightloss all to happen at once but i noticed when walk everyday i loose it quicker even if i eat a little bader..

I havent been eating well lately and have had no losses this is why im questioning it all..... i love my exercise now just getting up in the mornings is a bit blerg....when it stays brighter out longer in the afternoons ill be excited to go walk the dog along the beach...

anywhoo your thoughts?

sorry this post sounds stupid ahahah


  1. I think in some cases exercise can stall your weight loss. However my big concern is being all saggy when the weight loss is over so I'm definitely keeping up with my weight lifting throughout!!

  2. I guess it all depends whether you would prefer not loosing weight but loosing inches.

    I know most of the time we want both! but I'm also scared of the saggy skin so I'm going to try and do resistance training. But when day light savings kicks in i'm sure i'll be going for at least a 30min walk every night

  3. I love my walks and feel kinda lost if I don't get out every day. Not big on resistance training but know I will have to start cause I also am scared of the flabby arms syndrome.
    I know when I walk I definitely have better results on the scales.
    BTW, LOVE you hair straight. Looks fantastic.

  4. I haven't noticed any extra weight loss when I exercise more but ... I am much heavier than most bandsters so I lose weight faster and will eventually have to cut calories or exercise more to continue when I hit a plateau. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  5. I have no idea on this, the exercise thing has really effed up my weight loss honestly. But I will say this, if you don't exercise and still lose a bunch of weight, your body won't look as good and you will lose more lean muscle mass than fat, meaning you will have the saggy skin and extra fat still on your body instead of the lean muscle! So, that is why I continue to exercise even though it always seems to slow down my weight loss...

  6. Hi Ash, I agree with all the above. However, I do know that exercise speeds up your metabolism, even when you are not exercising, and so you go through calories much faster, and therefore weight. However, I'm a bit of a lazy arse, so even though I know I could exercise more, I am prone not to do it. Eh.... BTW - I LOVE YOUR HAIR DOWN!! AND STRAIGHT! Its such a softer look for you. love both looks!

  7. I haven't noticed any extra loss when I excercise. However I'm nervous about the extra saggy skin in the end so I'm going to start strength training.