Friday, August 6, 2010

As we speak...

Im eating a small cup of salted peanuts.... you know what its so bad that im doing this but im so enjoying doing it. I had a craving for salted peanuts and passionfruit softdrink... so guess what i bought.... yep both of them. Doing all that whilst watching Reba.

When i was at the shops driving out some guys in a van yelled something out to me and i dont think it was positive... i cant wait for the day guys dont yell stupid stuff and i look like evryone else.... it makes me sad.

On a positive note.....having time off is lovely :D
Walked this morning with the dog, babysat my niece then did some washing... now im chilling.
Going to a Cd launch tomorrow night with my friends band... ill take photos... ill probably feel fat and guilty after todays consumption ahahah.

Signing off for now spock!


  1. Don't take offense darl - yabbos don't discriminate - they are offensive to everyone!!!!

  2. Love reba!
    mmm i'm craving some peanuts now...darn optifast :P

  3. Peanuts...somehow you made them sound delicious

  4. passion fruit soft drink?? What is this?? Sounds yummy!

  5. I love Reba!
    Oh I know the feeling of guys yelling stupid things out. Just ignore them your beautiful.

  6. Ugh, don't pay any attention to guys like that! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I love Reba!And don't fret over peanuts, love! They are JUST peanuts! You really FRET over A pizza! ;)