Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Current mind vomit-

  • Im confused.... im always confused... dag nab this confusion

  • Boys are annoying, i have been getting more attention but not from the right ones.

  • I miss sex LOL

  • I think sometimes i take way to many photos and mostly of myself

  • My poor dog hasnt be walked in days but i promise tomorrow he will be walked

  • Im back on the pill

  • People frustrate me incredibly these days, im very particular with who i spend my time with these days

  • Work is freakin stressing me out and its all my fault

  • Im biting my nails so much at the moment im going to get fake nails put on to stop

  • Im so excited for my friend, she is having surgery tomorrow!

  • I wanna refresh my whole house... i need to move things around and create some change, everything is to stagnet at the moment

  • I havent been freaking out about my weightloss recently... i havent been exercising or pushing myself to hard with what im eating because of all the issues with my 'that time of the month' so im chilling yo and trying to regulate now that i have my implanon out

  • Im loving my sisters company more and more these days

  • My nieces is possibly the coolest child on the planet (i could be biased)

  • I have scratchies but keep loosing on them :(

  • I like the people i buy my coffee off each morning, they are so nice to me and its a good way to start the day

  • I need to plan a holiday by the end of the year or early next year.... Melbourne is calling me

  • Im so easily distracted these days

  • Im so obsessed with Madmen i think its causing some issues this can also be said for the new True Blood episodes

  • I have noticed when my house is a mess my mind is usually a mess... weird huh!


  • This post is so boring

  • Ahahah im lame


  • See i told you i could get easily distracted

  • I LOVE ALL YOUR COMMENTS, i seriously constantly check to see what you guys write as i truly value your opinions. Sorry if im not very deep on this thing... im just not there yet.

Ok.... thats enough. stop now.

hahaha im a dork.


  1. Sometimes a little mind vomit can be very therapeutic. lol

  2. Mad Men is amazing!!!

    I love posts like this. :)

  3. I love True Blood... A truly guilty pleasure. I love your random thoughts... There's so much happier and cheery than mine when I basically hate on everybody and everything...LOL. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  4. I've never watched Mad Men or True Blood! I guess I should then?

    There are a lot of rubbish men out there, but there are some lovely ones too, your Prince will come!

  5. I hear ya sista!

    As you know from my blog I love Mad Men and True Blood, but I'm so much more obsessed with True Blood. How hot is Eric??!!!

    I also can relate to missing sex. Being a single parent does not really allow for a sex life! Watching Eric on screen helps a little though. God I love him. I want him! Are you an Eric girl or do you prefer Bill?

    I need my tax refund too! It's suppose to be paying for half of my surgery on Monday but the bloody ATO (Australian Tax Office) is taking their damn time to sort it out. For both our sakes I hope they hurry up.


  6. bahhahaaahhaa, this post was far from boring. You crack me up :)

  7. Mad Men is a great show! I love it!