Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh me Oh my... kind of excited.

So im a tad bit excited, borderlining stalker freak. A friend just told me BAM MARGERA is in PERTH..... So i thought there might be a chance he would be here seeing as his brothers band is playing tonight but it seems it has possibly been confirmed as someone saw him at Beyond Skate yesterday. Which hopefully means he will be at the gig tonight.... a photo with bam would ROCK MY WORLD. Incase you dont know who he is, his one of tthe feral boys from JAckass and also had his own show called Viva La Bam and he also is a world famous skater.

Here he is with Kelly Osbourne.

Ahaha my client saw this picture as i was telling him i might see Bam tonight and his like 'you remind me of Kelly Osbourne' ahahaha i was like HELL YES! I aim to look like she does above yes yes i do. So thats why im super excited.

On another note i have lost a little more weight... im currently at 23.2 kg = 51 lbs in just over 2 months which is good. Its starting to show now which makes me feel good.

Weird thing is, i was thinking the other day that i have never felt stuck or have had food hurt me, i dont have problems gulping water and from what i can tell i can pretty much eat anything, sometimes i eat bigger portions at night which is not good but over all i dont eat much at all. Yesterday when i went out for lunch i had a chicken cheese avacado foccacia and i only ate a quater of it, theres proof its working but i dont have the fear of eating things that i will throw up from as i chew chew and chew.... im sure there will be a day when i throw up but im kind of glad im not and havent had Pb... im loosing weight without a crazy crazy restriction so i think its good because it allows me to still feel relatively normal.

The next 10-15kilos is going to make a huge impact on me as i know it will start to really show which im super excited about.

Im trying to work out more on my tummy and legs when i get home after my walks now because my tummy is horrible and i really want to see some good change in that and tone it up (which is crazy hard).

I LOVE BETTY WHITE (just thought you should know)

Im having a bad hair day here follows some photos of which i photoshopped which ended up kind of crazy.... first one i think actually show how stupid crazy frizzy my hair is blerg :(

Now this photo just ended up being random where i took out my nose and lips ahahahha... i kind like it though..... ahahah....

Now onto other horrid things... its TTOTM again... im officially getting my implanon out next Monday... THANKGOD.... i will take pics because my arm will become ridiculously bruised and you guys totally wanna see that :D

Aahahah i loved Momma2fi's comment on my friend Michael.... yes yes he is pretty good looking lad.... his the one im going to the gig tonight with... he better take a photo of me and Bam if Bam is there... Arghhhh. YEAH!


  1. oh my I would probs start blubbering if I ever met Bam! He is a doll...and his parents are awesome to put up with the crap he gets into haha

    Lol about betty white...random much?! But I love her too. Golden Girls <3 oh and she pretty much makes the show Hot in wouldn't be as good without her

    I hope that i'm as luck as you when it comes to the amazing loss and the lack of PBing and vomiting!!

  2. Ohh, I hope you meet him!! I know that would make you so happy! Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Not coming to Brisbane...boohooo....
    Just watched Jackass last night. I almost wet myself and threw-up at the same time. hehehehahahaaa...

  4. i hope you get to meet him too... I am glad you haven't had to PB or slime yet... unpleasant! And it means you are doing everything right with your band. Congrats on the weight loss, you are really rocking it! *Maria*

  5. Really looking forward to seeing your Bam pics!

  6. I TOTALLY thought that picture of Kelly Osborne was YOU. I was looking at the Kelly pic...then the pic of you on the right hand side of this blog...then back again. And I was like, "yup, that's gotta be her." :-)
    Happy stalking!

  7. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! I hope you get to meet him!

  8. You are doing so great. 50 pounds in 2 months is fantastic. Yeah you! And some people NEVER get stuck or throw up. It doesn't happen to everyone.

  9. I think you have a Kelly Osbourne look as well! Is Bam still married to that girl? The one he married on TV?

  10. Great job on losing weight! Thats one of my fears is getting stuck. I still can't seem to sit water, I do but then there are times were I forget a glup it sucks.