Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodmorning Sunshine!

Allo Allo,

My fingers are so cold... typing with cold fingers is no fun.

So this is my last day off from work... feels weird.... i kind of realised i like being at work, when i have days off i dont really have much to do because everyone else is doing stuff and is busy.... i dont have a car today because my car is being serviced so im kind of stuck. I could clean.... but who in the hell would want to do that. Cleaning sucks nads.

So this morning i went for a bit longer walk, something like 45mins, it was good although i went later then normal and if i go later there are more people out and about and i dont like that, seems i dont like people much when im doing things ahahah. I really didnt want to walk this morning but its the same everyday, i hate getting up but once i have had the walk i feel a million dollars.

OK.... so i wish i was Kat Von D..... i have been looking at a lot of blogs and so many people bag her out, they actually full blown hate her... now see im the total opposite, i think she is incredible and incredibly HOT.
Her holding hands with Bam is just heaven.... i love BAm... i want to marry Bam. CKY his brothers band is here in PErth on Wed night and i think ill go see him play, heres hoping Bam is there and falls madly in love with me.
I love these two, they are both a bit wacky and i love it.

Some Iphone picts :D
My puppy dog lying on my lap when i took these shots...
Harry's cute face!
An old photo on my iphone before the surgery
I get called the Owl by most of my friends... my incredibly talented friend drew this for me... inside its my writing which says " A hand to paint, a voice to sing, an ear to listen and a mind to imagine" I wrote that a few years back and i wrote it because it describes a little of everything about me. IF i get a tattoo this will be the tattoo i get.... he is the most perfect Owl ever.


  1. I'll fight you for Bam!
    haha they are both gorgeous...i've always been obsessed with kat but my mates aren't that impressed with her

    Love the owl picture
    A few of my mates have tattoos of owls and they look amazing
    Get it done!!!!

  2. Okay, I don't know this couple pictured lol. Hmm me thinks I need to get out more.
    Love her hair though - she looks very cool.
    Love the pic too - and yeah, wasn't it cold here in Perth today!!

  3. What do people hate about Kat Von D? She's an original and unique, that's a good thing, right? I love that OWL drawing. That's gonna be an incredible tattoo. I can't wait to see the photos. All your photos are great! I wish you were coming to Chicago next month, I can't wait to meet you. The photos here just prove what I've said before... You are so gorgeous! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

  4. I've got no beef with Kat Von D - she seems cool. You actually remind me a bit of her, except for the hair!

    Very cool owl photo - you've got a talented friend!

  5. Ahhh Bam from Jackass.. now I place him. I do know of him - having four sons who LOVED Jackass I should have known with an unusual name like his..doh to me!! I will check out Kat Von D's website too.. ta :)

  6. *I really like Kat with red hair. HOT!

    *Your puppy is so adorable!

    *Such a lovely picture of you.

  7. I love Cat!!! I think she is different, strange, and pleasant. I had new clue she was with Bam, think it's good sex??? ;)

    But I love the owl Idea! YOu didn't explain WHY they call you that but I think it's a wonderful drawing and would be a freakin' RAD tattoo!!!

  8. I say I love her and I get carried away and totally mispell her name. I meant Kat!!!