Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday night fever....

Wow.... it really seems i dont have a life at the moment.... im staying in and its SaturdAY night, although its quite handy because its raining outside and its nice staying in when its raining.

Im crazy tired....

We had our Election today and i hate voting.... that is all i will say on that.

The weight thing hasnt been too good, havent gotten close to the scales, havent done any exercise and havent done much in regards to the healthy eating thing but it is the weekend and ihadnt actually eaten all day so my cheese crackers wasnt to bad and i had a beef burito for dinner. Yum.

So my implanon is out but its so itchy where its healing its sending me slightly insane.

I wish i had something fun and interesting to say but i really dont.

Me sitting there bored infront of the laptop on a Saturday night looking sloppy
Harry the super dog
Taking off the stripsWithout the strips... it looks pretty good.

I had a bath tonight and i fit in it better.... it was soothing :)

ps. also am currently obsessed with after dinner mints.... i guess its better then milk chocolate tho.


  1. OK! I'm finally alllll caught up on your blog! I dunno if you get comment notifications but I just commented on almost every entry you did this month!

    You are precious! Hope the healing goes well. Don't worry about not going out enough woman! You go out more than I do! I love your lifestyle. BUT, if it's not working for you, just change it! :D

  2. When I googled implanon, I was expecting a nasty wound. But that doesn't look too bad and should heal nicely. Hope it stops itching soon :)

  3. I am glad you are healing up so well, how long was the implanon in? *Maria*

  4. It was in for 3 years.... its so weird having to take the pill again.... and so incredibly annoying ahahah

  5. What a cute pup! I thought of you when I heard about the election - I don't know many Australians. :)