Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coffee Coffee I NEEED Coffee!

I havent had my coffee this morning yet because im waiting to go have one with a girlfriend in about 30mins across the road from my work.... im dying here and really really really want one ahahha. I didnt realise how much i relied on them.

Not much to report on my side of the world.... this morning i went for a bit of a longer walk it was about 40 mins rather then my 30 then i came home and did a little bit of boxing on Wiifit and hullahooping LOL! Weight is staying about the same but its not surprising as i havent eaten all that good in the past few days.....

Last night i went out with a couple of girlfriends, i hadnt seen one of them in 3 or 4 years since she left Perth.... she is the most effervescent person you will ever meet, everyone is drawn to her.

We went to The View in freo and had coffee and samples of desserts and antipasto platters ahahahha oh me oh my.

It was lovely catcing up with her.... hopefully she will come to the movies tonight with a couple of friends to see the Inception.

I wore the same dress i wore to the ball but with a 3/4 black shirt under it and wanted to show you some bettter shots seeing as i cant get full length shots i thought id take top and bottom shots ahahahha I tied a knot in the bottom of the dress.... made it more unique
Vanity shot...even tho i look like a fish smacked me in the face lol
This is my friend mike... i went to his house before going out last night... he looks like a doofus in this pic but i loved his eyes in it! Aahahh also i pushed his hair to the side to make him look like Justin Bieber
This is one of my friends waiting patiently (the service wasnt the best)
This is the empty plate of desserts... hmmmm
All of us together.... it had been a long time....i look horrible and fat.
Myself and my friend back from Europe
The toilets are so pretty in the restaurant and i love their mirrors so i took a shot ahah
I took this photo this morning to show you another small NSV... i bought this dress when i had lost my previous 10kilos and when i gained the weight it didnt fit and now it does again :) YAY! no wasting of money here.... i know i look like a dick aahha.
So thats it kids.... nothing to special in my neck of the woods, i just cancelled coffee with my friend because she changed the times... im soooo getting me a coffee now!
Ps. eating habits have not been good but have my 2nd fill on Wednesday!!
pps. go with my friend today for her first appointment with the surgeon and im super excited yay!


  1. Don't even talk to me if I haven't had my coffee!!!

  2. Ahaah the coffee i just got was horrible :(

  3. You are so pretty and I love your style! Honestly. No more calling yourself fat or putting yourself down!!! :)

  4. Congrats on getting back in the dress! It looks awesome on you :)

  5. Your clothes are always so fun - I love it!

    Ahhh, coffeeeeeeee.

  6. Yeah...I'm so glad you went to the ball! You looked stunning as always! Check out your legs...you have such skinny ankles...lookin great! The ball looks like it was a lot of fun! Love the bathroom shot!

    Nothing better than fitting into something that didn't fit before! Life is good!

  7. Glad you got your coffee! I just love all the pics you post so don't stop. They are lovely and have a special touch to each one of them. Happy 2nd fill.

  8. You do NOT look horrible and fat in any picture! You are adorable. You look downright skinny in the first pics.

    And Mike is way hotter than Justin Bieber!

  9. I love what you did with the dress and the black top! You don't look bad in any of the pictures, but honestly, I know what you mean. You take pics of yourself alone and look "good" but then add other people and it shows your true size, in comparison to others. No offense intended towards you, that's how I am. I feel like I have this huge head or something, lol! Like literally, it's physically too big and you can tell when I'min pics w/ other people! Joy! :D