Sunday, August 8, 2010

Music, boys, friends and adventures....

My title probably sounds way more amusing then what this post will actually be.

So this is my 3rd day off.... eating habits havent gotten any better just sitting around home but its ok im not kicking myself over it.... today (being sunday) has been a totally lazy day... got home at 3am so im beat today.... im literally just lying around, my poor dog hates days like this but i really need it.

Last night was interesting.
I went to this bands CD launch that i work with called OPIA, the boy Mike in previous shots his the bassist for the band. So anywhoo caught up with heaps of friends which was fun and listened to some good music....
Weird thing was.... i had not have boys look at me or pay any attention to me in the past but last night they were everywhere and trying to hone in... funnily enough i didnt really have any time for any of them... it just seemed stupid because i couldnt have a decent conversation with any of them over the loud noises.
So anywhoo this other guy from this other band that played came up to me and his like... "your Ash hey" and i was like yeah i am.... and he was asking if i was still OPIA's girl ahahah which i laughed at but told him yes... i remember this guy from previous gigs, so anyways he proceeded to chat me up and exchange numbers which i didnt really want to do.. i found it flattering but he was trying to crack onto any chick there which was pretty sad and turned me off mighty quick.
Men are stupid sometimes.... i really dont know if i wanna meet a guy drunk in some pub.... it just doesnt seem right.
So he wasnt the only one but i tended to ignore most of them.

I realised last night that although i thought i was looking for someone, in a way im not.... i actually want the next year of my life to be MY life.... solely focused on ME,which i think is fair. I had a beautiful chat to one of the girls last night about it and it made sense....
Also one of the guys i thought was hot last night and ended up talking to... when he opened his mouth i realised what an incredible knob he was. How lame.

All in all i had fun... i stayed out way later then i normally would.... i loved the company i was in and when Mike walked me back to my car he and i had a big talk which was nice.

So it was nice feeling like guys werent looking at me like i was a total beast for once but it was also nice thinking 'hmmm i dont really want to be with anyone right now'.

Here are some token shots of the evening.

ps. its 3:30pm on Sunday afternoon and my neighbours have their music blaring... i just dont understand how they cant NOT ruin my one day of relaxing.This is OPIA... these guys are like brothers... they are all so different and amazing guys.
My wonderful friend Ky and i she came with her boyfriend to the launch and to hang with me... shes in some of my older photos.
A black and white shot.... my skin looks weird in this pic.
I loved taking shots with the posters in the background they were cololourful in a dark room
The almighty Bat Country.... the drummer is the one that sent me the book in the previous post
This was the first photo i took of the night... i look like a retard but when i turned to Ky i was like OMG i look skinny ahahahah and she was like heck yes you do! ME yet again wearing her glasses... all her glasses suit me.

Im sorry if my blog has turned more into a journal.... if i had more band interesting stories to write about i would but i guess everything does end up factoring back to the fact that i had then band put in so yeah.

Thanks guys :D Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Seems like a fun weekend was had

    I totally agree about the boy thing
    If a guy asks me out right now I would probably say no only because I know I'm going overseas next year and if I start a relationship now I would feel obliged to stay here and put off my plans for a stupid boy!

    you are totally gorgeous and you sure do look skinny!!!

  2. Doesn't matter what you're blog is about : it's about you and that's all that counts!

    Sounds like you had a great night. I used to love going to live bands: nothing like it.

    Love the pics - you look gorgeous as usual. Cant wait to meet you in real life! Must tee up that meet.
    Cara x

  3. Love her glasses on you!

    Don't apologize for your blog content - I think it's great!!

  4. Love the pics, your night looks like it was alot of fun.

    If our blogs were only about the band, it would be a little boring. Blogs are about every part of us:)

  5. Lovin' your pics. And your blog is about you. It just happens to be the you with a band. I love reading about life instead of "I ate this and I ate that all the time". Much more interesting, and even better when pictures are involved.

  6. You are gorgeous, and have the most amazing eyes! No wonder guys look at you! Get used to it - its going to happen more and more!

  7. I love your blog and even though your band is a part of you, it's not all of you... and we love to hear all of you. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  8. I love what you write about, so keep it up!