Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise 2nd Fill!

Yesterday turned out a little different from expected.

I was dreading my 2nd fill as i totally didnt want to go back to the doc i had for the last fill i had. I went to see my Surgeon Dr Watson with my friend Jess as she had her first consult and when i was there he offered to do my fill as i didnt like the other doc....well even though i paid $200 (i get $113 back from health funds) for my fill it was worth it... so much more at ease when he did it and he even congratulated me on my weight loss which made me feel so positive and even more excited to be good to my band! so although he costs more i will be going to him in the future as its so much better... although my band account doesnt appreciate it this morning.... seems im ona super budget this week after just having a heart attack looking at it ahahah.

Im taking Friday and Monday off work this week so i can have a long weekend...i need some Ashlee time and this will be great for me to chill out a bit.

Ohhhh so anyways with the fill.... i had another full 1mil put in... so that means now 5ml in 10ml band. I havent tried eating ANYTHING, well i havent eaten anything at all since yesterday lunch time. Im to scared.... im going to take it nice and slow. My burps were weird when i first got it done.... i couldnt burp... id need to burp then itd roll back inside me and felt horrible... but its ok im burping normalish now :D

On a HUGE positive, ive lost some more.... now i have lost 20.9kilos (45.98lbs) in something like 57 days! Woooooooooooo. Finally it feels like its showing and paying off..... another 10kilos and i will really feel it which is exciting.

So yes feeling super duper.

Poor puppy didnt get a walk this morning because the fill has made me so nauseous i didnt feel like walking so he cried.. but tomorrow i promise to take him and ill play with him after work today :D

This is face pull to express the feeling my 2nd fill is giving me... ahahah

I asked the girl at work to take some full body shots of me.... this is what happend when we did... ahahah


  1. Haha, love the pics.

    Congrats on your loss!

    And woohoo for long weekends!

  2. Enjoy your extra long weekend.
    Congratulations on your fantastic loss so far.

  3. omg...that is kick butt weight loss! congrats!

  4. Congrats on your loss, that's huge. I hate how kilo's sounds like less, maybe to you it doesn't. But almost 50 lbs is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at that point a lot of people will notice! You should be excited NOW AND later! Celebrate! And I love your 3 pics at work! Cuteness!