Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pictures i like this Month!

All these photos made me happy or smile so far this month and thats a good thing!
I also wish i were a creative genius like Bjork..... she emits art through her pours.
If you havent seen this film yet then you need to.... there are simple pleasures in life and this is one of them.


  1. Great pics. I love the girl in the fifties cosie and the Twister sheets. The two bird pictures are pretty cool too.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Awesome photos again! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

  3. That tweet is classic. A little twisted, but I like it :)

  4. Man, I totally love these. You have to do this every month (or week?).
    I was a bees dick away from buying a piece very similar to the nude chick wall paper with the bird. Was 1m x 1m at a gallery in Noosa. Will try and find the pic I took for you. :)

  5. Such great photos! I love pinup girls. The Adams family is great too!

  6. Love these pictures! I used to post pictures I love on facebook every now and then..I need to start doing that on here too!

    Thanks for following my blog and for your sweet comment!! I really appreciate it! Welcome to the wonderful world of the band! The journey is worth the ride even though its very hard at times! But with all us girls there is lots of support to be found!! Good luck :)