Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whats the story morning glory?


So... whats been crackalackin!?

I have been banded for 3 months now i just realised, its funny how time flies... seems only yesterday i just had it done.

I went for my 3rd fill a couple of days ago and i was honestly super nervous because i was worried at how horrid i had been in August. I ate pretty much what i want and was hormonal which means anything bad was what i wanted. Although what i perceive as bad now is good in comparison to my normal eating habits before the surgery. So off i went to see Dr Watson... nervous... he sat me down asked how things were, and i explained it wasnt the best month. We jumped on the scales and i was waiting to see that look of disappointment on his face but instead i hoped off and he gave me a high five because i still lost 2 kilos 4.4lbs. It shows it works hey?! even when i thought i wasnt being good it still paid off... although not as much as i would have liked but at least it is still a loss. I think things are going to SLOOWWWW down now for me... i dont think im going to have huge numbers lost with the way im going which is ok... just as long as its still a loss.

On the exercise front.... its TTOTM so im just chilling... but i did do a Jillian Michaels work out yesterday and omg i could only do 10-15mins before I DIED. It made me realise where my fitness levels are and walking is all well and good but its not enough so im going to try and do that work out every 2nd day.

I had a whacked out dream last night of my ex... it was intense and not in a bad way.... i think there are a lot of emotions and feelings floating around me at the moment and that dream was a reflection of it. I said to a friend the other day... im not lonely, i just want some company. True honest company where i laugh and get excited to hang out with just that one person and have affection from that one person.
I went to a birthday dinner last weekend and my friends boyfriend who is a very good friend of mine sent her a sneeky text message which she showed me whilst they were sitting at opposites of the tables that said "Oh the things i would do to you right now if i could" and she was all shy and embarrassed that he would send something like that... but i thought it was friggin adorable.... so sweet it made me sick aahaha.

Boys are a headache.... its as simple as that. I need more balls... i need to stop living my life guarded and just do it... but failure is to much an asshole to play with and i cant handle it very well.

All in all things arent to bad.... im happy enough, things are certainly more positive since i saw my surgeon he always makes me feel motivated when im down in the dumps... he thinks im way to hard on myself and that im doing as good as i should be :)

5 more days until my Internet is back up and running at my house... ahaha this weekend ill go insane... seems i might have to do some work around the house to keep myself occupied ahahah.

So heres me on a day when i fell inlove with house my hair was being.... it was curly and sitting just right so i took a few photos of it lol

I made BURRITOS... WOOOOOOOOOO they are so yummy. This is the filling... looks like brains!
Here they are all folded and ready to go in the oven.... alas i dont have after pictures.. silly me.
Big bowl of salad... im loving salad at the moment!
Went to a footy game on the weekend, watched my brother in laws finals... i never go to the footy!
This is a CLOSE UP of when my hair was being decent.... i liked my eye make up :D

Heres me taking a shot before i ran out to wwork full body kind of.... i dont have good mirrors in my house!
So thats enough blarb from me... im super jealous of everyone with their great losses. I avoid the scales now... we only catch up probably once a week now otherwise i get to upset.
Toodles :)


  1. you look gorgeous!
    I don't think I've been a "before" photo of you but you don't even look like you need the band!

    and congrats on the loss!
    2kg in a month is great!!
    as much as I stress over not losing, my goal right now is to at least lose 0.5kg a week and you've certainly done that

    keep it up,
    your surgeon sounds lovely :)

  2. I love your amazing hair in those photos! Keep rockin' that band! I was thrilled to have lost at all this month too with my eating habits and lack of exercise... but the band helps us eat less too, so even when we struggle, we succeed. You are doing amazing! and You look incredible! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

  3. Fantastic hair! Good job on the weight matter how small :)

  4. Lady! Love the black hair and black outfit! My friends all joke with me about always wearing black clothes and having really dark hair and I love it! Looks like we have similar taste my friend :)

  5. Fabulous post!

    I'm super happy I found your blog.

    By the way, I've definitely been dreaming of my exes recently .... It happens .... they have to get through all the complicated levels of our minds until our conscious/subconscious is done with them.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  6. Congrats on the loss! I'm loving your curls and you look gorgeous!! xx

  7. Your such a hot mamma! Congrats on your loss! 2 lbs lost is 2 lbs never comming back. Your going to do just fine I have faith in you!