Monday, September 20, 2010

Refer to last post....

Get this.... for anyone who just read my last depressing post... check out my star sign today, which is also his star sign and i have know him for 8 years....

Gemini - September 20, 2010You might find yourself reeling from shock when an old friend suddenly seems to show romantic interest in you. Conflicting emotions could come up, but don't write it off if you're available. There could be potential for a good relationship with this person. Don't feel that you have to either jump right in or forget the whole thing. You can test the waters for a while!


  1. Hmmm, interesting. I'm Gemini also, and my DH has been more than interested today. LOL.
    Hope everything works out happy for you.

  2. Was just catching up as I've been out of town! Sorry you were hurt by a boy! I understand your pain as I've been there plenty! I used to fall in love with my best guy friends. Both would have been wrong matches for me without a doubt (looking back). I hate to have a cliqued responce but honestly I met my husband when I least expected it and WASN'T even wanting it. It will happen. Make yourself as happy as poss, and try and stop thinking about men and you'll see!

  3. Um...forgive all of the spelling and grammer errors too. It is apparently too early for me to be typing!