Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isnt Leo Sayer just adorable... oh also... this is the HUGE picture post i said id post...

So on Monday a group of us went to the Perth Royal Show which is a festival that lasts for a week where you can go look at animals, go on rides, eat heaps of food, get freebies and buy SHOWBAGS!

Great exercise walking around the show all day as its huge.... hope you enjoy the photos :D

Before heading out all fresh and looking decent.
I had never eaten a dagwood dog which is a sausage with some kind of batter around it... i took three bites and gave it to one of the boys, it was ok... tasted a bit odd not the best though.
Me eating the dagwood ahahah
Fresh donuts and ribs.... the place is food obsessive

There was all these old guys doing morsecode so i sent a letter to the bunch
My letter said- Dont eat to much or you will get fat as. This was because they boys scoffed so much when we first got there ahaha
waiting to recieve my message
My little old friend sending the message
My friend Jess and i

NAwww Bermese mountain dogs.... if i didnt have harry i would have one of these!
More food
So much fooooooddd
Looks cool, tasted pretty overrated

The boys got so excited when they saw this giant blow up shark slide...
Girls acting like they are 16 yr old tarts
I won a little elephant
The kids posing just before we left.
This was supposedly the coldest icecream you could eat.... they were tiny little balls and they stuck to your mouth when you ate them because they were so cold.

Sorry about all the posts.... there has been a lot going on. I just got home from going to the pools for a swim, when i put on my bathers i looked in the mirror and nearly cried because i saw how far i still had to go but i didnt let it stop me because being active is what im about now.

Ps. Whats with the anonymous comments..... i had one telling me they thought i looked weird in my photo, then that i need to dye my eyebrows... pretty sure tomorrow i need to change the settings on this blog....


  1. I love your pics they are always fun. And you are beautiful, so *eff anonymous! I have my word verification on, but you could always approve comments. Don't obssess on how far you have to go, but be proud of how far you've come.

  2. Is that first thing the same as a corn dog?? Maybe you guys don't have corn dogs? The last one looks like Dippin dots!! Yum....

  3. oh I didn't know you guys had your show the same time as ours!
    I love going...but it's all too expensive =(
    I want showbags! haha

    and I don't even accept anon comments
    if people want to tell me something then they should own up to it or not say it at all
    some people are just pathetic!

  4. Awesome pics! We have festivals like that in my hometown too. It's fun and the food is very tempting. I don't know though about that dagwood dog thingy, it looks strange. hehe

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Around here October is festival crazy! But, they are all about food. At least that's the best part normally. I might have the skip the Greek Festival this year because I think the food will be too hard to resist for this band newb!

    But, I could do as you did. Take a few bites and give it to the husband...he eats so fast, I wouldn't have time to change my mind ;)

  6. I just found your blog from, I think, Maria's? Anyhow, I love picture posts. And that Bernese Mtn Dog is just ADORABLE. I <3 dogs... I have 4 English bullies, myself.
    Corn dogs (sorta) & dippin' dots at the carnival... what could be better? I think I've gained 10#s just thinking about it. :D
    Robin at Band on the Run
    P.S. Ignore the haters... I think you have FAB eyes (& brows).

  7. Come and get an award!! http://gastriclapbandjourney.blogspot.com/2010/09/delicious-award.html

  8. I love the show! And pluto pups (dagwood dogs). Yum. Ours is at Easter. Looks like you've had a great day.

  9. I love the show too!

    Get rid of anonymous comments, you dont need them.

  10. Anonymous comments can be both good and bad. It allows friends who don't blog to comment but I do often wonder what it brings.

    Pluto pups are pretty much corn dogs, a batter with a fine corn through it. We grew up on them as kids with our fish and chips. Yum. I didn't miss them as a bandit until I saw this picture LOL

    Dippin dots are fabulous aren't they? Perfect for hot summers day and a famous ice cream brand do them in Australia in our ice cream freezers at servcie stations. Its a box of them. Bulla maybe?

    You are perfect the way you are. I think you are stunning!

  11. Of all the things I commented on today I got a little snide Anonymous remark today. Bizarre eh? Haven't had any since I started my blog. LOL

  12. Great pictures! Looks like you had a good time!