Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok so the boy i talked about in the previous posts, who i put my heart on the line for and then got rejected *BAABOOWWW*. Well anyways we have been talking kind of like normal since that day, we still ask eachother how our days are and blah blah and he keeps talking about seeing me, last week he was going to see me before he went down south but had a work appoitnment and didnt end up coming (which was fine because i feel weird about him now knowing i have feelings for him). So anyways he emails me today asking how my weekend was and that his house sitting his bosses amazing house and how he wants me to come over and have dinner there one night this week.
Now this is all well and good and yes i will go because i told him it wouldnt make things weird but im wondering whether he is holding on because he has a rental property that he has taken away from a management and he wants my help in renting it privately. Do you think he is keeping me close so that he wont have to deal with all the stuff on his own... i secretly think he might be and that hurts a little more.

Its all seriously so stupid because he and i would work and he is yet again like another million other boys not attracked to me... where as if i were this slender sexy girl he probably wouldnt be so hesitant to give it a go.

This has made me a little paranoid :-\

Oh well..... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why doesnt he just like me. Someone shoot me pleasse.


  1. ok - so you know the situation FAR better than I do, but here's what I think.

    1. He truly thinks you are an awesome chick and wants to keep you as a friend (and lets face it - he would be stupid if he couldn't see that!!)


    2. Maybe you got him to thinking.......

  2. Hey - bit of a random comment, but have you considered tinting your eyebrows the same colour as your hair? I think it would look great :-)

  3. Um-- he sounds a bit sketchy to me (sorry to be the bearer of bad news.)
    I'd start fresh with someone new-- there are really other fish in the sea. You don't need to go back to an 'old shoe' as one of my friends used to say...

  4. I only have one thing to say - be true to yourself and put yourself first. period.

    If he wants you he will make it happen, you shouldn't have to make it easier for him!! lol ;)

  5. I agree with previoous posters. The fact that he is still communicating with you means that he wasn't freaked out by you pouring your heart out. Now is the time to be hard to get. He knows how you feel. Make him prove that he feels the same. If he does great, if not let it go!

  6. I say just see where it all leads. Worse case scenario, it won't lead anywhere which is where you started now. Maybe he is thinking twice about it and maybe he does want you to stick around for your help. You will find out soon enough. Just go with the flow.

  7. I agree with the first commenter but then I have been telling my best friend for ages....

    "He's into you - hes just not THAT into you.

    Im 35 now and looking back I wish I had that great book/movie/saying in my life. "He likes you, he's just not THAT into you"

    As much as it hurts to admit it when we adore someone so much - we need to have pride and self respect in ourselves enough to say "Hey, I WANT that someone to need me, want me and love me THAT much.

    Let's put it this way - we know who our perfect person has to be in our head right? What if there is just some minor thing that you aren't his perfect person. It may be your views on religion or even comic books that he is holding out on. My point is - do not jump to conclusions and think it's your weight. Most men are NOT that shallow. Trust me.

    It sounds like he still wants to be terrific friends and isn't playing you along. Kudos to him for continuing thr friendship when it could have been weird for both of you. He values you enough to keep you as a friend. That speaks volumes.

    My advice? He was your friend to start with, make a choice whether you can keep him as a friend who may never have feelings for you or let him go and lose a great friendship but not have that confusion hanging over your head.


  8. I so agree with Something About Kellie. Don't make it easy for him. He needs to see what he's missing.