Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh HI!

Well hello there new followers.... nice to meet you! Ive hit the big 70 followers mark and it feels weird that people from all around the world would want to look at my silly blog full of my silly rants and crazy photos. Please let me know if im not following you and you would like me to, just comment with the link to your blog and i will follow away as i love keeping an eye on what everyone is doing.

Another positive i have had another small loss! Even though i dont think my scales are that reliable these days ill take it... i have no lost 27.1 kilos (59.62lbs) 800grams from last time i weighed myself which i think was a couple of weeks ago. Its a lot slower but at least im still loosing not aching for this next 20kilos to go away as then i will really start seeing some changes!

I have been really good with focusing on keeping active. Even though yesterday i had my freakout in my bathers i didnt let it stop me and im proud that i didnt... my friend and i still went swimming for an hour and it felt GREAT, which means im going to do it more whether or not i look good in the speedo bathers or not! This morning i woke up and took Harry down to the park in which i jogged aruond half of it... now i usually only walk so this was a big feat and i also came back and did a jillian michaels work out for 20mins i couldnt do the full work out i was so flustered but i did really well... it makes me feel so good and i love how i love being more active these days.

I think its great when you have a friend who enjoys it to, my friend is getting married in november so we are motivating eachother to do these things (she already looks stunning but i guess pre weddings you want to ensure you look the best) and its good because her goal is like my goal, i wanted to look good for her wedding as well ahahah! I still need to organise for my sister to start making my dress for it.

I wish blogging was like facebook (which i dont miss ahaha) where you could comment after someones comments.... you guys have written some pretty awesome stuff lately and i feel bad if i havent commented back... like Candid Bandit girl you rock and some of the comments you have left have been awesome so shout out to you! Its not just Candid Bandit its all of you and your comments keep me happy and motivated. Seeing as i dont have facebook anymore and i dont get that little red notification anymore, bloggin is my fix! BIG THANKS.

As for the boy, i appreciate the advice... im going to go with the flow... if i seem panicky on here its because i vent so i probably sound like a tool. I dont want to loose the friendship we have as its been so long and who knows thinngs could be different i nthe future but as for now i will aprreciate just hanging like we always do. It will be interesting to see how dinner Friday night goes :)

After having sometime off work its hard to adjust and get back to normal... blerg who wants to work... NOT ME! oh well.

I guess thats enough mind vomit for you guys.

Love reading all your posts, sorry if i dont comment enough but i do try to.... keep up the awesome bloggin and I WANT MORE PHOTOS.... :-P

Ash x


  1. Another great post... but I miss the awesome photos... I am still on a Friendship high from the BOOBS weekend. They are saying that 2015 may be in Australia... so they BOOBS may be headed down under. *Maria*

  2. I totally agree with being able to 'comment' or 'like' a comment on your blog ala Facebook. It's bizarre adapting back after being such an avid Facebooker.

    Thanks for the shoutout. *blush*

    Also, big congrats on the loss. Anyway downward is great in my eyes (coming from a bandit who didn't loose a gram for 12 weeks, I understand the frustration!)

    P.S. I could play with those blog fish forever. How addictive and calming are they?

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower :) is a blogging comment system that alerts you when someone comments and you can reply back :) I've used it before and it's pretty snazzy. Congrats on the loss!

  4. yay for the loss!! I've been gone so I need to catch up but I totally agree with the comment thing! It would be so much easier!

  5. Hi! I'm pretty new, so I don't have a lot of followers, I would love to have you follow me!


  6. I know! I comment back anyway even though I seriously doubt anyone goes back to my post to see if I said something back. But if it's something super important or a really good comment I will reply to it in my next post. Yup yup! BTW I have decided that I love your word "blerg" so I am now going to start saying it instead of "blah".....thanks!

  7. Congratulations on your loss! So agree with the comment thing it would be much much easier.

  8. Yay for followers! Yay for a loss! Yay for all that exercise! I love your blog, keep up the good work. If BOOBS does come Down Under as Maria said above, I am soooo THERE! Would love to meet all you girls (and any boys too of course).