Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another big picture post... not any different really ahaha

SO yesterday was about the beach and going swimming at my sisters and today i was hesitant to go out at all but im glad i didnt be lazy and went out and did something.

My friend Ella and i both had no money and the GRand Final was on for Afl Footy and she and i both dont care for it so we told eachother we would do something different and inexpensive to pass the time.

We decided to go to the Araluen Botanical Gardens up in the hills about 45mins from our houses.... it was such a beautiful drive and we had good fun.... its hard for me to not post heaps of photos when it was so pretty.

Saturday night and im staying in alone again aahahahah its not even unusual now. I havent stopped thinking about the boy... it hasnt been easy to stop thinking about him as it was something i really saw working but bleh. I appreciate doing adventurous things during the day rather then going out at night these days plus im still burnt from painting the other day.

It was pretty cute the other day, Mikes mum was super sweet when i told her i stayed home and painted the front of my house she was like " Ash your better and stronger then most men and women... and some women are at home mums lazy who dont even weed where as you do it all" ahaha cute! she also gave me a crazy huge hug when i told her i hadnt smoked for 5 months aahaha she actually jumped up and down when i told her ahah.

Nothing exciting on the band front.... havent weighed myself for awhile... i should but the scales scare me so i avoid them but i havent been doing bad and i have certainly been very active.

Tomorrow im getting up and going to a dog beach again with HArry which i know he will love and will be good again for me.

This was what i made the other night, home made quiches the size of muffins
ME on the way to pick up Ella for our adventures.
We got lost, so had to get out the street map to sort out where we were going to go ahahah
Us on the side of the road the cars were going so fast past us it was crazy.
ME waiting on Ella ahaha
On our way we found a teahouse to chill and have a drink at and it was the most beautiful little piece of paradise ever.
The front just before we went in.
The view from the balcony where we were having our drinks.
Our seats
Me waiting
Ella and i waiting... she has been working out and looks amazing... im so jealous!
Our choc milkshakes
This was one of the first things we saw at the botanic gardens, i only really like YEllow tullips and these were stunning, this picture is now my desktop wallpaper.
A tree we liked ahahah
Ok so here is the lame side of me coming out.... the park reminded me of Twilight, all the green and moss and ferns keeping it all intimate and romantic, although there were people everywhere it allowed me to dream a little.... im seriously obsessed with Twilight and it has brought out the super lame romantic side of me.
This would be my log cabin with my own Vampire.... ahahah

There was a huge walk up a hill and the whole thing was paths scattered everywhere and it was a hotter day so i was pooped by this point so i took a moment to sit and chill.
The sun was so pretty through the trees.
Ella and i just before we left for the day.
There was a wedding there and it was incredibly random how they were going about the ceremony so i took a picture ahahaha.

Currently wating Tropic Thunder ahahaha so funny.
Not sure if many or any of you will see this post as most of you are aware.... i love posting these photos tho, its like a little diary for what im doing and makes me proud of how physical i am now im comparison to over 3 months ago!


  1. Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous girls! You look great!

  2. Wow so beautiful! I need to come for a visit lol

  3. Beautiful pics! Great advertising for WA. Makes me want to come over for a holiday.

  4. Oh I really want to go to WA!
    My friend is moving there for work next year so now I have the perfect excuse to go visit!
    Pictures look so beautiful...I love the log cabin :P

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog recently :) I just wanted you have such great style! I especially love your hair :)

  6. The pictures are gorgeous and they are very Twilight-ish! I myself am a little bit of a hopeless fan!

    Kellie :)

  7. Funny you mention Twilight, everyone of our wedding guests at Mt Franklin (near Daylesford, Castlemaine were mesmerised by how Twilight it seemed to be. I recommend it highly!

    I loved all of your pictures. What a beautiful way to spend the day.

    Your hair looks amazing!


  8. I love all of the photos! The wedding looks interesting. My daughters and I came across a beach wedding once. It was so strange - we felt like trespassers on a public beach! Still, it was a lovely feeling to randomly see the beginning of the couple's life together.