Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A post about STUFF N THINGS.

So i havent really updated as i have exceeded my downloads at home and havent been able to use the net.

Not much is happening.... truth be told my diet is down the shitter and i havent been very good... in saying that im not anywhere near as bad as i used to be but bad habits are coming through and its all chocolates fault.

This month there hasnt really been any weightloss and it seems 1 because im lazy 2 because of my eating habits and 3 possibly because of all my hormone issues and going back on the pill.

I have a fill booked this afternoon and its not going to be that good at the surgeon when the scales havent really moved and he will ask questions.

On a plus i bought a new work out DVD and im going to buy an aerobic stepper and some small hand weights to use with the DVD.... i have worked out with my morning exercise that i need to only do a short walk to warm up but then come home and do a proper work out that makes me sweat. So i take the dog down to the park and let him run around whilst i walk around it then come back and do a work out... this works better i think and Harry doesn't miss out!

I have a boy on my mind and it wont go away... its causing issues as i cant concentrate.... stupid boys.

I wish i could have come on here and said i had lost some weight but alas no... i think i might have gained a bit.
This fill i think will hopefully let me gain a little more control hopefully.
My goal to loose 15kilos before November is SUCKING... i need to get back on track.. being stuck here is not good i want to take it to the next level damit!


  1. If this was going to be easy, we wouldn't have needed the band. Keep on keepin on and you will get there:)

    Hope I didn't get too sappy there:P

  2. Seems like our habits have been the same this month. This whole past week and weekend I dont know what has gotten in to me. Like you saw on my blog, I lost two weeks ago but gained this past week. It was expected bc all of the bad food I have been eating. Anyways, we will be better this week!! Promise!!

  3. On behalf of all boys, I would like to apologise. It's not our fault that we're stupid :)

  4. Sometimes it all slows down... it's all part of the journey. Good luck with this fill!

  5. I know you will get back on track. I think the difference between pre and post band is being able to recognize when we have started making bad choices and doing something about it.

  6. Ugh so frustrating isn't it! Hang in there though you'll start losing again in no time. I know you can do it!