Monday, September 27, 2010


OK... there is way to much chocolate in my life at the moment... i swear its my only weakness..... i know i could be loosing more if i cut it out ahahah.... Oh my.

Oh well.

Big post tomorrow with photos of the exciting things i did today.


  1. oh my gosh
    today I had so much chocolate too
    to the point where I felt sick
    massive binge fest today =(

  2. I had a ton of chocolate yesterday, in fact I had to resort to throwing out some very good quality chocolate whilst out shopping as I just couldn't stop eating it.
    You're not on your own there sister!

  3. Chocolate is evil but oh so very good! Sorry I'm no good at talking you out of chocolate when I can't even get away from it. *sigh*

  4. This is a test...this stupid thing won't post my comment.

  5. Oh now it works? Anyhoo...I am luckily not a big chocolate eater. Or candy for that matter. But when I do CRAVE it, I eat the hell out of it until I can no longer breathe!

    OH BTW, thanks for the uplifting comment on my post from Friday. It was sweet.

  6. I am addicted to the Coconut Rough Chocolate atm... I really need to get it under control or my before surgery weight is going to be double!

    My mini chocolate goal is to eat a smidgen less each time! lol

  7. I hear ya sista! Chocolate is a drug! I'm luckily in "recovery" at the moment, but if there was any, I should probably attend a chocoholics annonymous meeting to keep me on the straight and narrow.