Thursday, September 30, 2010

How quick you can be high and then so low...

Last night i went out and i ended up looking really cute.... i went to the hairdressers yesterday and she dyed and trimmed my hair then curled it as i was going out that night.... felt really good and my outfit was super awesome, so i took heaps of photos ahahah.
On the negative part, i went out for lunch today with friends and after we had finished lunch i ducked into a small boutique to check their bags as i need a new bag, the shop sales person was there and i complimented on how nice some clothes were on a clothing rack and she turned to me and said "well if you over here we have some metalicus which possibly could fit a larger person like yourself" i walked out straight after that.... i was only there to shop for a bag yet she had to mention my weight as the first thing when i walked in.
This and putting the bathers on this week has knocked me on my knees, im working really hard and its really horrible when you still seem to get put back to square one... i know i have a long way to go but by golly i dont need things like this happening :(
I know in my photos ya'll think im smaller then i am but im not... like i said im good with taking photos and i have a good camera.... i also wear clothes usually very flattering for my figure.
So it shows how 1 minute you call feel great and then not long after someone can just shut you down.

My mission is to try and learn to curl my hair as good as the hairdresser does as i loved the big drop curls.... heres hoping i can do it.

I had a big night at the gig last night so im tired.
OMG BIG NEWS.... The Big Day Out here in Australia which is a huge music festival have TOOL headlining and Ramstein..... OMG.... HECK YES!

Ok... i was sitting at the merchandise table for a while, while the boys did band stuff.... while i was waiting i made a little bluetac man.... he even has a hat, he was TINY.... i stuck him on one of the posters and took this shot... super cute!
This is one of my favourite shots... i might make this my new little pic here on the blog... i love thiis new top i bought $10AusKind of full body shot.

My token photo shopped pic!
Ahahah there were so many... but the hair and lippy just worked last night.

This was when i got home and i had just got my hair curled it was sooo nice! Excuse the purple bra ahahhaha
ps. damn boys... he just messaged me to go for coffee because he was close by... i said no as i was to busy with paper work which is true... he can see me tomorrow ahahah.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh HI!

Well hello there new followers.... nice to meet you! Ive hit the big 70 followers mark and it feels weird that people from all around the world would want to look at my silly blog full of my silly rants and crazy photos. Please let me know if im not following you and you would like me to, just comment with the link to your blog and i will follow away as i love keeping an eye on what everyone is doing.

Another positive i have had another small loss! Even though i dont think my scales are that reliable these days ill take it... i have no lost 27.1 kilos (59.62lbs) 800grams from last time i weighed myself which i think was a couple of weeks ago. Its a lot slower but at least im still loosing not aching for this next 20kilos to go away as then i will really start seeing some changes!

I have been really good with focusing on keeping active. Even though yesterday i had my freakout in my bathers i didnt let it stop me and im proud that i didnt... my friend and i still went swimming for an hour and it felt GREAT, which means im going to do it more whether or not i look good in the speedo bathers or not! This morning i woke up and took Harry down to the park in which i jogged aruond half of it... now i usually only walk so this was a big feat and i also came back and did a jillian michaels work out for 20mins i couldnt do the full work out i was so flustered but i did really well... it makes me feel so good and i love how i love being more active these days.

I think its great when you have a friend who enjoys it to, my friend is getting married in november so we are motivating eachother to do these things (she already looks stunning but i guess pre weddings you want to ensure you look the best) and its good because her goal is like my goal, i wanted to look good for her wedding as well ahahah! I still need to organise for my sister to start making my dress for it.

I wish blogging was like facebook (which i dont miss ahaha) where you could comment after someones comments.... you guys have written some pretty awesome stuff lately and i feel bad if i havent commented back... like Candid Bandit girl you rock and some of the comments you have left have been awesome so shout out to you! Its not just Candid Bandit its all of you and your comments keep me happy and motivated. Seeing as i dont have facebook anymore and i dont get that little red notification anymore, bloggin is my fix! BIG THANKS.

As for the boy, i appreciate the advice... im going to go with the flow... if i seem panicky on here its because i vent so i probably sound like a tool. I dont want to loose the friendship we have as its been so long and who knows thinngs could be different i nthe future but as for now i will aprreciate just hanging like we always do. It will be interesting to see how dinner Friday night goes :)

After having sometime off work its hard to adjust and get back to normal... blerg who wants to work... NOT ME! oh well.

I guess thats enough mind vomit for you guys.

Love reading all your posts, sorry if i dont comment enough but i do try to.... keep up the awesome bloggin and I WANT MORE PHOTOS.... :-P

Ash x

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isnt Leo Sayer just adorable... oh also... this is the HUGE picture post i said id post...

So on Monday a group of us went to the Perth Royal Show which is a festival that lasts for a week where you can go look at animals, go on rides, eat heaps of food, get freebies and buy SHOWBAGS!

Great exercise walking around the show all day as its huge.... hope you enjoy the photos :D

Before heading out all fresh and looking decent.
I had never eaten a dagwood dog which is a sausage with some kind of batter around it... i took three bites and gave it to one of the boys, it was ok... tasted a bit odd not the best though.
Me eating the dagwood ahahah
Fresh donuts and ribs.... the place is food obsessive

There was all these old guys doing morsecode so i sent a letter to the bunch
My letter said- Dont eat to much or you will get fat as. This was because they boys scoffed so much when we first got there ahaha
waiting to recieve my message
My little old friend sending the message
My friend Jess and i

NAwww Bermese mountain dogs.... if i didnt have harry i would have one of these!
More food
So much fooooooddd
Looks cool, tasted pretty overrated

The boys got so excited when they saw this giant blow up shark slide...
Girls acting like they are 16 yr old tarts
I won a little elephant
The kids posing just before we left.
This was supposedly the coldest icecream you could eat.... they were tiny little balls and they stuck to your mouth when you ate them because they were so cold.

Sorry about all the posts.... there has been a lot going on. I just got home from going to the pools for a swim, when i put on my bathers i looked in the mirror and nearly cried because i saw how far i still had to go but i didnt let it stop me because being active is what im about now.

Ps. Whats with the anonymous comments..... i had one telling me they thought i looked weird in my photo, then that i need to dye my eyebrows... pretty sure tomorrow i need to change the settings on this blog....


Ok so the boy i talked about in the previous posts, who i put my heart on the line for and then got rejected *BAABOOWWW*. Well anyways we have been talking kind of like normal since that day, we still ask eachother how our days are and blah blah and he keeps talking about seeing me, last week he was going to see me before he went down south but had a work appoitnment and didnt end up coming (which was fine because i feel weird about him now knowing i have feelings for him). So anyways he emails me today asking how my weekend was and that his house sitting his bosses amazing house and how he wants me to come over and have dinner there one night this week.
Now this is all well and good and yes i will go because i told him it wouldnt make things weird but im wondering whether he is holding on because he has a rental property that he has taken away from a management and he wants my help in renting it privately. Do you think he is keeping me close so that he wont have to deal with all the stuff on his own... i secretly think he might be and that hurts a little more.

Its all seriously so stupid because he and i would work and he is yet again like another million other boys not attracked to me... where as if i were this slender sexy girl he probably wouldnt be so hesitant to give it a go.

This has made me a little paranoid :-\

Oh well..... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why doesnt he just like me. Someone shoot me pleasse.

Monday, September 27, 2010


OK... there is way to much chocolate in my life at the moment... i swear its my only weakness..... i know i could be loosing more if i cut it out ahahah.... Oh my.

Oh well.

Big post tomorrow with photos of the exciting things i did today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another big picture post... not any different really ahaha

SO yesterday was about the beach and going swimming at my sisters and today i was hesitant to go out at all but im glad i didnt be lazy and went out and did something.

My friend Ella and i both had no money and the GRand Final was on for Afl Footy and she and i both dont care for it so we told eachother we would do something different and inexpensive to pass the time.

We decided to go to the Araluen Botanical Gardens up in the hills about 45mins from our houses.... it was such a beautiful drive and we had good fun.... its hard for me to not post heaps of photos when it was so pretty.

Saturday night and im staying in alone again aahahahah its not even unusual now. I havent stopped thinking about the boy... it hasnt been easy to stop thinking about him as it was something i really saw working but bleh. I appreciate doing adventurous things during the day rather then going out at night these days plus im still burnt from painting the other day.

It was pretty cute the other day, Mikes mum was super sweet when i told her i stayed home and painted the front of my house she was like " Ash your better and stronger then most men and women... and some women are at home mums lazy who dont even weed where as you do it all" ahaha cute! she also gave me a crazy huge hug when i told her i hadnt smoked for 5 months aahaha she actually jumped up and down when i told her ahah.

Nothing exciting on the band front.... havent weighed myself for awhile... i should but the scales scare me so i avoid them but i havent been doing bad and i have certainly been very active.

Tomorrow im getting up and going to a dog beach again with HArry which i know he will love and will be good again for me.

This was what i made the other night, home made quiches the size of muffins
ME on the way to pick up Ella for our adventures.
We got lost, so had to get out the street map to sort out where we were going to go ahahah
Us on the side of the road the cars were going so fast past us it was crazy.
ME waiting on Ella ahaha
On our way we found a teahouse to chill and have a drink at and it was the most beautiful little piece of paradise ever.
The front just before we went in.
The view from the balcony where we were having our drinks.
Our seats
Me waiting
Ella and i waiting... she has been working out and looks amazing... im so jealous!
Our choc milkshakes
This was one of the first things we saw at the botanic gardens, i only really like YEllow tullips and these were stunning, this picture is now my desktop wallpaper.
A tree we liked ahahah
Ok so here is the lame side of me coming out.... the park reminded me of Twilight, all the green and moss and ferns keeping it all intimate and romantic, although there were people everywhere it allowed me to dream a little.... im seriously obsessed with Twilight and it has brought out the super lame romantic side of me.
This would be my log cabin with my own Vampire.... ahahah

There was a huge walk up a hill and the whole thing was paths scattered everywhere and it was a hotter day so i was pooped by this point so i took a moment to sit and chill.
The sun was so pretty through the trees.
Ella and i just before we left for the day.
There was a wedding there and it was incredibly random how they were going about the ceremony so i took a picture ahahaha.

Currently wating Tropic Thunder ahahaha so funny.
Not sure if many or any of you will see this post as most of you are aware.... i love posting these photos tho, its like a little diary for what im doing and makes me proud of how physical i am now im comparison to over 3 months ago!