Thursday, September 30, 2010

How quick you can be high and then so low...

Last night i went out and i ended up looking really cute.... i went to the hairdressers yesterday and she dyed and trimmed my hair then curled it as i was going out that night.... felt really good and my outfit was super awesome, so i took heaps of photos ahahah.
On the negative part, i went out for lunch today with friends and after we had finished lunch i ducked into a small boutique to check their bags as i need a new bag, the shop sales person was there and i complimented on how nice some clothes were on a clothing rack and she turned to me and said "well if you over here we have some metalicus which possibly could fit a larger person like yourself" i walked out straight after that.... i was only there to shop for a bag yet she had to mention my weight as the first thing when i walked in.
This and putting the bathers on this week has knocked me on my knees, im working really hard and its really horrible when you still seem to get put back to square one... i know i have a long way to go but by golly i dont need things like this happening :(
I know in my photos ya'll think im smaller then i am but im not... like i said im good with taking photos and i have a good camera.... i also wear clothes usually very flattering for my figure.
So it shows how 1 minute you call feel great and then not long after someone can just shut you down.

My mission is to try and learn to curl my hair as good as the hairdresser does as i loved the big drop curls.... heres hoping i can do it.

I had a big night at the gig last night so im tired.
OMG BIG NEWS.... The Big Day Out here in Australia which is a huge music festival have TOOL headlining and Ramstein..... OMG.... HECK YES!

Ok... i was sitting at the merchandise table for a while, while the boys did band stuff.... while i was waiting i made a little bluetac man.... he even has a hat, he was TINY.... i stuck him on one of the posters and took this shot... super cute!
This is one of my favourite shots... i might make this my new little pic here on the blog... i love thiis new top i bought $10AusKind of full body shot.

My token photo shopped pic!
Ahahah there were so many... but the hair and lippy just worked last night.

This was when i got home and i had just got my hair curled it was sooo nice! Excuse the purple bra ahahhaha
ps. damn boys... he just messaged me to go for coffee because he was close by... i said no as i was to busy with paper work which is true... he can see me tomorrow ahahah.


  1. The hair looks fab! I'm thinking of getting some curls into my hair ... We'll see...

    Don't listen to the nasty shop lady, she obviously has her own issues and feels better by making others feel crap.

  2. Obviously the stupid woman in the shop with the insensitive comment never received proper training.. what a bitch!! Seriously. I can honestly say I never had that happen to me, though I always felt like I had to head for the larger sizes - because I needed them
    LOVE the hair and red lippy. If I wear red lippy I look like a hooker haha.. that aint no joke!
    You look gorgeous as usual. Dont let stupid cows like the one in the shop get you down. You're beautiful and she obviously has no taste!!

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL - LOVE your retro look. Anyone who makes an insensitive comment like that is obviously battling with their own demons - take absolutely NO notice! xx

  4. Please do me a favour... Tell the manager. Do a pretty woman and say, "I walked into your shop to buy accessories with no mention of clothing only to have your rude sales assistant kindly point out (as if I didn't know) that I wasn't in shape for the clothes. "

    "Big mistake. Huge"


    You are SO freakin' gorgeous it makes my lashes hurt. In a good way. You absolutely suit the 1940's style and you have no idea how much it tickles me pink to see a woman wear red lippie. I always compliment women who do. It's so bold, beautiful and sassy. Love it.

    Your hair looks incredible. Did you get it darkened too or is it just my eyes? You should absolutely learn to master those curls. Hawt.

    P.S. Rammstein????????? O.M.G. Tickets go on sale whence?

  5. What a biatch!! Dont ever shop there, even when you can fit into their clothes.

    I already said I love your style. Did I say I love your hair? Well, I do. How did she curl it?

  6. You look so glamorous, just like a pin-up!

  7. I love your new do! Store clerks like that have their own self-esteem probs, I am so proud of you for walking out! Your action stood for all of us, thanks;)

  8. I would just like to say that if I were your size, I wouldn't have had my surgery at all. Not to say you aren't justified in your personal reasoning for having it done, but you are just adorable! If I end my journey looking like you, I would be SO HAPPY. And I would want the amazing eyelashes to with it :)
    And, in that last photo, you look like Evangeline Lily (Kate from LOST)...

  9. You are so pretty! I wanna go shopping with you!!

  10. I had the exact same thing happen in a clothing store.. I was looking to buy for my daughters (all three are sizes 8, 10 and 12) and I was at least a size 28 at the time... and the bloody sales assistant said "dear, none of those are going to fit you"... fuck I nearly died on the spot.. instead I burst into tears and walked out! Bitch.
    YOu should have said something .. cos I wish I had.
    YOu look stunning by the way.
    And I came over from Candid Bandit's blog.

  11. Absolutely loving the hair!

    I am still working on finding enough time in the morning to do anything with mine...then you sit at the hairdressers and realise why in 10minutes you can't look quite as good as the hairdresser did in an hour.

    ooooh Rammstein...I think I hear hubby booking the tickets now :)

  12. People like her are one of the reasons it has taken me sip long to do something about my weight. She is a bitch and you just need to ignore her. You look awesome as per usual. I wish I had half your style :P

  13. Ok...for real, super hotness Mama! I love, love the outfit, hair curled, red lips, all of it...even the purple bra! Can I curl up in your closet? I apologize if you hear moaning! :P