Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wishful thinking....

I wish....
  1. I wish that someone would take me out for some crazy Mexican food.... its been so long and i know i could eat some of it, it would be such a good treat. It would also be nice to be a special person who would take me.
  2. I wish i could just go out and buy the lounge suite i have been dying to buy for the past 7 months..... i have the money and could spoil myself.... but cant justify it as things kind of feel up in the air at the moment and until i have some security im not going to spend that money.
  3. I wish my stomach wasnt as sore as it is right now.
  4. I wish i didnt struggle getting out of bed in the morning for my walks.
  5. I wish my dog wouldnt be so territorial and would stop biting people as he is such a lovely dog.
  6. I wish i was Kelly Osbourne.... im obsessed with the Osbourne family and wish wish wish that was my crazy ass family, minus the crazy drug stuff.
  7. I wish i had the creative intelligence of Banksy.
  8. I wish i was a stylist or an interior designer to the rich..... im so excited for when i have lost the weight and am able to reflect my style how i want to without my weight holding me back.
  9. I wish i cooked more and enjoyed cooking more.... cooking for one person just seems stupid and i dont see the point half the time... im content with scrambled eggs where as i know if i had someone else to cook for i would make some amazing things.
  10. I wish i had the amazing talent of ZOey Deschanel and her incredible looks.
  11. I wish i didnt bite my nails from stress and i wish my thumbs didnt look like toes.
  12. I wish i could own a true Salvador Dali piece.
  13. I wish i could own my dream federation home with a beautiful garden that someone else could maintain and i could move away from this horrid ghetto street that i do suit what so ever.
  14. I wish i could do my hair like this.
  15. I wish a talented, intelligent and passionate man would fall inlove with me that i was proud to stand by and encourage.
  16. I wish i could travel in the next year and start experiencing the world more.
  17. I wish i enjoyed gardening more.
  18. I wish i went to the ocean more and breathed in the sea air.
  19. I wish i didnt contradict myself constantly.
  20. I wish my wishes come true.


  1. Hmmmm..... now I feel like mexican food..... I make a pretty mean enchilada casserole - shame you don't live closer :-)

  2. I like all of your wishes......I hope they will come true for you!

  3. Love this post! You picked some great pics to go along with it.

  4. Oh man, Kelly Osborne's newly fit body + Zooey's face (not that Kelly's isn't pretty, but you really can't beat Zooey) would be pretty much the most amazing girl in the world. I love how curvy and healthy and fit Kelly looks these days. Such an inspiration!

    This was a great list, I think we have a couple of overlapping wishes! ;)

  5. Come to California, we are drowning in mexican food, both real and fake! :D

  6. Awww, wishes!!! Wishing you all your wishes come true!

  7. I wish your wishes all came true too... You have some amazing things on your "Bucket List" *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  8. I wish your wishes would come true for you. Yes Kelly Osborne is so lovely!

  9. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out:

  10. You can make sure some of those things come true! Stay conscious of it, and work on it! :D