Friday, August 13, 2010


I dont even know why i put that as my title.

Its Friday and everything seems a little blerg. Probably because i havent done any exercise for 2 days, the weather has been crud.

All i have been doing for the past 2 days is thinking... why am i not famous? I should be famous, how do i become famous? ahahah I get really obsessed with the thoughts that where im at is just not enough, i want bigger and better. Dag nab it. I need to start painting more again! I have recently been asked to put my art up at a carnies carnival exhibition which would be good... but my pieces are really big and can be hard to display :-\

Here are some artist who just make me go WOWZers (some nudity)-

Ron English, you would probably remember is big fat Ronald McDonald from Supersize me.
Patricia Picinini her sculptures are beyond this world... they are incredibly lifelike, she was featured here in Perth just recently.

Michael Hussar, quite a dark and obscure artist, would dream of having a piece of his.

HR Giger, this is the guy who did Aliens and stuff.... his stuff is out of this world too!
Adam Jones from TOOL, his work on Prison Sex filmclip was AMAAZING. If you havent seen that filmclip then youtube it.

Dave LaChapelle photographer, his photos are high contrast, feature a lot of famous celebs and they are very in your face.

Also David LaChapelle
I need a kick up the bum to paint more... i miss it, it set me apart and i need to get more creative juices flowing. Heres hoping it happens.
As for my weight... i havent talked about it much because much isnt happening. TTOTM again which means nothing happens fast. Bring on Monday when i have my implanon taken out and can start having stuff settle down.
Bring on the weekend.... i have been left with this feeling that i am just not enough on this planet and that upsets me.... i need to be more. Could this day be draggin on anymore then it is?!


  1. Have you posted photos of any of your art before? I would love to see some!

  2. This whole week has dragged I reckon. You love weird and wonderful art - lol.. some of that is quite surreal.
    Hope you have a better week next week! Actually I hope we both have one..this one sucked!

  3. You have a strange and beautiful mind:) Love the art and would love to see some of yours.

  4. you always post such great pics. we should all post pics more often! :) happy friday!

  5. You should check out Matthew Barney's Cremaster series. He is right up there with the work you have chosen, if not better! Also, have you seen the move "The Cell" with JLO and Vincent Donofrio?? It is a superbly beautiful and disturbing movie - but you would love the visuals. Spoken like the true art historian that I am.