Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue skies and sunshine...

Woke up feeling a bit so so this morning but instead i rang a friend and asked if she wanted me to come over so we could take the dogs to the park.... we did and im glad i did, although my house is messy for yet another week i preferred the walk and catch up... here is some of my day in photos-

The drive to my friends place, Harry chillin in the back..
View of the drive... its about 25mins to my friends place
Betty waiting on the steps for Harry and i :)
Walking past ugly buildings to the park
The dogs frolicking
Me looking like an idiot!
Ahaha Ky being a noob!
Daragh sitting on Kylie ahahh
2 little black dots running
Freshly cut grass is nice
Daragh holding "Betty
My favourite photo of HArry even tho his a bit of a feral
Japanese cherry blossom at my friends house that is BEYOND pretty.
Its not a stand off... its a ball off
When i got home i washed and straightened my hair... here i am with no make up ahaha
This was to show the length of my hair

So tomorrow im hoping to get back to normal and get out of this rut which means back to walking everyday.... im eating bad on the weekends but better during the week and i think the only thing missing is the exercise everyday.... i would do Chica challenge but im scared ill fail.

Weekend was pretty quiet, didnt go out and do much of anything..... pretty chilled and id didnt even get to clean my house :-\


  1. oh my gosh you look so different with your hair down and straightened! so beautiful!

    Love all the photos!

  2. You're gorgeous without makeup too!

  3. Glad the sun is shining and the skies are blue. And your hair is fabulous.

  4. As usual....GORGEOUS!! You are so beautiful. Love the straight hair and natural look as well as your funky make-up!

  5. I like the long straight hair and no makeup look.

  6. Your dogs are so cute! Love the straight hair looks gorgeous!

  7. Your look is so versatile and awesome! And you look great without makeup!

    Love the pups in the park - looks like they had a great time.

  8. Yea, Harry got a walk! Our dog lives for the dog park. It is a BIG social event for her.

    I think I tell you every time I comment on your blog, that you have the most amazing eyes! We should all look so good without makeup!

    I was catching up on your posts...sounds like you are shaking things up. Sometimes that works wonders! Love the nails btw. :)

    The biggest thing that works for me is 5-6 small meals a day. It is always good to look forward to a little something. Hang in there!