Saturday, August 28, 2010

I dont like being a negative Larry.

Sorry that i have been so negative.... i think im worn out... simple as that.... :(

Wowzers today i moved the whole house around and finally when i sat down i found out that the antenna in the room i moved everything into doesnt work :( ill post more about that later. So for the next 2 days ill be watching dvds and media files ahahah.

On friday it was my sisters birthday so we went to my parents new block where they are building and had a bbq.

'before i get into it this was a meal i made the other night so i could get some more meat into me... its a curry mince mix and its yum

This is a photo i took of myself before i went out to the block it turned out nicer then i thought
My mum and i walking with the dogs down to the paddocks
The dogs running through the paddocks
Walking around the paddocks
A little toadstool i found on the way :D
Harry taking a break in the grass
Jak my parents dog
Me scratching HArry on his back nawwwww lol
A nice picture of the bush on the paddock
Back up after the walk near my parents shed and their big camper
My adorable niece
My sis and niece
I love this shot i took of her
Me cooking the BBQ dinner :D
This was the cake my sister made for her own birthday... its insane chocolate mudcake with custdard balls inside..... sooooo good. Id show you a pic of the inside but i thought that would be way to much food porn.

To tired to say much more..... moving my whole house around has made me so knackered and i didnt eat all day... was a bit dangerous at the end, i was doing so much i didnt realise my eneergy was so low i nearly passed out, i stopped at that point though luckily.... its funny how different things are now. I like being distracted and not thinking about food... that doenst happen enough ahahah


  1. You take such a great photo! That cake looks divine. Also looks like you had a beautiful sunny day like we had in Sydney today. Spring is in the air!

  2. The dogs must love that they can run in such a big space. And my favourite photo was you cooking the BBQ dinner. You are so funny. All the pics are great, even the cake. LOL

  3. Great pics! Oh how that cake looks so delishous!

  4. That cake is outrageous. So wish that you'd taken a pic of the inside. In future, don't worry about the food porn... I can take it ;)

  5. I need that cake! Make sure you look after you. Love the pictures.

  6. Your niece is so adorable and you're really photogenic And those eyes of yours...just love them! xx