Tuesday, August 31, 2010

POint form fun...

Here are some things....
  • The weather is currently delicious... some well needed rain and it allows me an excuse to stay in doors and exercise on the Wii ahahah.

  • My weight hasnt moved for weeks now, i may have gained a little or not?! I have no idea, the scales are pretty much the same... its not good though and i know its because i have been eating more. Bring on my fill which i will be getting on the 7th.

  • Im not to sure how much to get when i get my next fill.... i was thinking half a ml but maybe i need 1 full ml again.... arghhhh hopefully my surgeon will indicate whats better.

  • My house has been cleaned which means my mind is a bit clearer which has made me happier.

  • My friends met Harry for the first time the other day and loved him to bits and he was super good around them which made me very happy.... i think he is settling in finally and he hasnt nipped anyone for a good month now.

  • I want to make refined bean burritos... i have bought them from the store before but i wish i knew how to make me own, refined beans are great for you and i love love love it so im currently looking at some recipes online now of how to make simple bean burritos but if any of you have any ideas let me know.

  • Work is slowly untangling itself and although i have a full on week ahead of me its just a little bit better then last week. I think it had alot to do with hormonal issues.

  • Im going camping if the weather is decent not this weekend but the next... i havent camped for such a long time it will be a great adventure! (i only camp where they have toilets tho ahaha i hate squatting!)

  • My 6 small meals is in affect but whether its working or not yet im not sure.

  • I havent walked this week yet due to the weather but im still trying to keep a little fit on my Wii.

  • I want to spoil myself and buy myself something nice but dont know what.... i need a new handbag but im so particular with what i buy ill end up looking for forever.

  • I still havent painted anything... i need to get off my butt and paint but im always so tired :(

  • I want to buy a pair of rollerblades to go along the ocean with with my dog.... i think itd be fun... and great for my legs too!

  • Its a very good friends birthday this weekend and im going out for dinner on Saturday night and i want to buy her somethign special but not sure what to get her yet.

  • I have realised i need to have more discipline with this band because with the way things are going at the moment im not doing well at all!
This is what i want my burritos to look like!
The inside of the burrito!
I will attempt burritos soon but for now i want to make chicken and salad for dinner and mini quiches... YUM!

Hmmm i guess thats enough mind vomit.

This cow is cool.


  1. Great. Now I want a burrito. lol

    Oh my gosh! That cow pic is hilarious. What an angle.

    You might have hit a plateau. It is pretty normal for that to happen, now and again. Hang in there, you will break through it. I hope that your next fill helps.

  2. I LOVE mexican food!!

    Easy way to do refried bean burrito's is to buy the El Paso Refried beans - they're pretty good!!

    Good luck!

  3. I love how you described the weather as delicious. Here is as hot as hell.

  4. Haha, that cow picture is awesome!!

    And burritos sound amazing right about now.

  5. Cow...LOL. I hear you on the eating more thing. I had good restriction for a while after being too tight for a while. and now... maybe not enough restriction but I am still not eating enough protein, which is much harder to get down then say... ice cream, and chocolate. Horrible, right? I need to get it together or I'm headed for a plateau. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."