Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just a quick one....

OK Happy 2 month Bandaniverssary to me :D

Imagine how good it would have been to have sex with a young PAtrick Swayze.......

On another note... i think Lady Gaga is a complete tool.... it doesnt help that she cant actually sing.

Have a great weekend ya'll.


  1. lol um these random thoughts!!

  2. hahahaha what was this about patrick swayze?! how random lol

    and i agree about lady gaga
    she is so overrated!

  3. oh and congrats on 2 months bandiversary!
    20 something kg in 2 months is amazing!
    i'm hoping i could even lose 10 in that time :)

  4. Lol very random but OK! :) Congrats on 2 months!

  5. Oh my God in heaven - he was to die for. Did you read my post that said my first date with my husband was 20 years ago and we saw Ghost? We're getting ghost tattoos...but I secretly think a tattoo of Patrick Swayze would be ever BETTER!

  6. I know... Patrick Swayze was dreamy, wasn't he? *sigh*

    Gaga may be a no talent hack but you have to admit it, the broad is amusing. lol

  7. Such a random entry, I love it!!

    Happy bandoversary!

  8. I love the random thoughts... Young Patrick Swayze good... Lady GaGa bad....LOL *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  9. Congrats! You make me sad, I love Gaga! :D haha! Patrick Swayze, yes ma'am!!!