Sunday, August 1, 2010


I had a non scale victory............!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt get what they were until yesterday when i had one.... ok so i will get to the NSV soon but as for now im going to tell a little of what happened.

So as most of you would know..... i couldnt find an outfit to wear to my work ball... im incredibly particular about my style (as my poor friend jess just found out) so it was becoming impossible for me to find anything.
Yesterday (the night of the ball) was my final day to go out looking. I messaged my good friend JEss (godsend friend might i add) and she was 100% willing to come with me to find something in the city, she was so determind that we would find something and she was such a good friend. My god none of my other friends would have put up with me but she was FANTASTIC.... walked through a million stores found a million things and even put up with my whinging. SHE IS AWESOME.

Onto my NSV.... this came from walking into the first store MYER we went into the girls department and picked out a few pieces... i went to try a couple of and i was in the change room with JEss and i tried on this black silk size 16 dress.... now im telling you i NEVER fit anything fitted at a size 16, it all has to be stretch... and IT FIT but was too short aahahha (im way tall) and was like $400 so we were like YAY but no. Another dress i tried on reminded me of something out of bewitched or i dream of a jeanie that the mother wears... now JEss wasnt sure at first but i fell inlove when i put it on..... there will be a photo below... this dress was AMAZING and i loved it but it was $500. Im going to wait until a sale goes on and if its still there im going to buy it.

So after parading around a million stores and my poor friend desperately not wanting to fail we went into our last shop... guess what! thats where i found my dress.... it was a browny olive cloth dress that we tied down the bottom. It was orginally $129 then reduced to $90 then they took a further 20% off so i paid something like $68... much better then $500 ahahah. After that we went and bought me a heap of cheap jewellry and i was set.

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO JESS AND HER BEING AMAZING! x(ps JEss is going to see a surgeon about the surgery and im so excited for her)

So here are the photos of the days events....

This was my outfit for when we went shopping, i took this shot just before Jess came over to go shopping
One of the first dresses we tried on.... this is the $500 dress which im praying will go on sale so i can go back and buy it. Ps see that lovely girl to the right of me in the photo, thats jess my savior.

There were storm trooopers in the city.... i got excited!

We got Kebabs for lunch... i had falafel and salad with egg.... NOM NOM

This is me when i got home trying on the dress with the jewellry and experimenting with my hair
I decided to leave my hair out and to the side... seemed more formal.ME at the ballMy work friend Anne and iMy mum and i before we went inOUr dinners, i had the beef but couldnt eat it all as it was medium rare and i like well done.There was also chicken breast servedThe dessert were these weird studel things with a berry sauceThis was a pic of our table

I came home early with my parents... i wasnt enjoying myself... i always feel awkward and somehow i always end up on my own.... so depressing.... so when my parents said they were ready to leave i was pretty much running out of the place. I get sick of going to events single... its pretty lame.

Ohhhhhhhhhh and another ps.... the dress i ended up buying was a size 14.... umm WOO! :D

Edit note- I totally forgot to say... i havent weighed myself for days.... i kind of let myself go on the weekends.... i do super well during the week so i give myself a little break on the weekends but im sure ill pay for it. Im also dreaming of the day that my neighbours jump off a brick wall or i eventually get another place because they are so noisy and disrespectful of everyone else in the street... his a druggy knob... i wish he would get caught and taken away. I simply cant understand how everyone else in my street cant hate them...

So there you go guys... some good and some bad.

Ash x


  1. Wowsers Ash, that's fantastic. I'm glad you made it to the ball and found a great dress on sale. Score!

    I love the dress for $500. Hope you manage to pick it up soon (in the next size down...wink)

  2. Your hair looks awesome like that, Ash!

    Woohoo for your NSV! That is so cool - I bet that felt so good!

  3. Yay for a NSV!! You look amazing, lovely dress too!

  4. Looks 14! So awesome!

  5. (¯`v´¯)
    .`·.¸.·´ ♥
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥

  6. Well yes it was a mission but it was so worth it Ash :)
    I was glad to come and help you look for something it was actually fun xxoo

  7. What a fun night! That's so exciting! And congrats on the 14!

  8. OK! Love this post! Congrats on the NSV! I love the $500 dress, love the one you eneded up with, totally love how you did your hair and makeup (I want your long hair), AND your mum has a nice rack! :D Go her!

    And my advice if you have to go to stuff like this very often, set yourself up with a few good guy friends. you may have some now. But I mean like 4-5 single guy friends who are fun and ask them to these events. You won't feel alone but you won't have pressure of "dating" or "love" stuff. :D Just my humble opinion! Love!~