Thursday, August 12, 2010


YES YEs.... I WAS SUCCESSFUL..... I saw Bam and had photos with him.... Mission Completed!

What a crazy night.... went there, watched crappy support bands, was starting to get edgy because it seemed he wasnt there. Before CKY played they played the Jackass 3D trailor and then Bam came on and introduced CKY which was kind of lame as thats all he did.... so my friend Kylie was like dude there is no way i wanna leave without you getting some kind of decent shot with him... man shes an awesome friend, so just before the band finished playing we snuck around the back in the rain and waited, we found these other girls out waiting to do the same thing and were chatting with them. I had this horrible sinking feeling that i wouldnt get a chance to get a shot at all.

So anyways he came out before the band had even finished so he could pee on the back wall LOL and the girls ran after him... i told them to stop and back off and let him pee, i think he saw me yell at them to stop. Once he had peed he walked off and the girls ran after him.... i was heaps behind and questioning whether or not i should even bother as i felt super sorry for him having people runnning after him.

So anywhoo i ended up catching up with him and getting two shots, one with this guy Chris that i knew and one of he and i (it is a horrible horrible picture of me where i look incredibly fat because when i open mouth smile my face looks horrendous but hey at least i have a photo with him). I had crazy butterflies when i got my shot with him and it was weird holding him.... he was going to walk off but i asked super nice if he would take a pic so i could put it on my blog and he turned around and came back for me :D SO THANKS TO YOU GUYS i got the picture :D

At the end of the night we were all screwing around out back of the pub with a bunch of randoms which was crazy fun.... i need to get more balls and start giving my numbers to boys because this awesome guy who was friggin funky was totally trying something on and i never gave him my number :-\ Im lame.

Anyways i wont say anymore... ill put photos on to show the evening-

Ok so this is me at the start of evening, a pretty photo i took. This is proof that i can take flattering shots where as soon as i hand the camera to someone else i look fat and horrible.

Kylie and Mike.... this was us just waiting around before anything started... bad photo.. Mike looks like a Monkey!

This was before CKY played the whole 3 minutes Bam was on stage, supposedly he had been arrested in Perth yesterday for something and he also got his drink spiked.
CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) Bams brother is the drummer.

It was hard getting decent shots of the band.

Kylie and i outside.... ok so i dont smoke anymore but i totally got her to blow smoke in my mouth ahahah (sound weird... it kind of was ahahah)

These are the kids that were hanging out waiting with us to find Bam.

This is Chris and Bam this was after we had just chased after him before he went in i think this is an awesome shot! This boy is Chris, i met his in one the weirdest ways.... i wont go into how because its a whole other story but we actually did know eachother so i met him for the first time last night... his pretty hot, and he kept somehow bringing up the fact that he had broken up with his ex girlfriend LOL.

Ok so heres the money shot.... i look horrendous and its out of focus.... of course Bam looks hot... i look meh. I know i shouldnt whinge but this photo totally depressed me when i saw it on my computer.... this is why i dont let other people take photos of me and why i should never open my mouth when i smile!
This was after all the fun and games everyone was outside being stupid, Kylie and Mike played piggybacks!
More piggy back fun...
Kylie giving Mike a piggy back.... AHAHAH
I like this shot.... this was Chris trying to swing over the pole.

Final shot... this is my friend Twin brother that i had never met until last night, i had only seen photos of him, he came up to us asking for something and thats when i was like ummm i know you aahahah.

So all in all... crazytown..... I honestly barely remember meeting Bam... it wa sso quick and i dont think i was even breathing when i saw him... it was that whole omg what do i say kind of scenario ahahah so i just didnt say anything at all. Last night was crazy fun.... but as for now IM SO TIRED. Cant wait for bed tonight.

Hope you guys enjoyed....

PS. Here are my replies to some of your comments :D

alycejo said...
oh my I would probs start blubbering if I ever met Bam! He is a doll...and his parents are awesome to put up with the crap he gets into hahaLol about betty white...random much?! But I love her too. Golden Girls <3 oh and she pretty much makes the show Hot in wouldn't be as good without herI hope that i'm as luck as you when it comes to the amazing loss and the lack of PBing and vomiting!!
Ahahah i didnt blubber because i couldnt say anything at all my heart was pouding like crazy. I felt like a total knob.

Jen said...
Ohh, I hope you meet him!! I know that would make you so happy! Fingers crossed for you.
Seems you crossed your fingers well Jen.... WOOHOOO to me getting me meet him and me only finding out a couple of days before he was in Perth!

Nikki P said...
Not coming to Brisbane...boohooo....Just watched Jackass last night. I almost wet myself and threw-up at the same time. hehehehahahaaa...
Check out the Jackass in 3D trailor it looks super funny, i cant wait until its out so i can seeit!

DiZneDiVa said...
i hope you get to meet him too... I am glad you haven't had to PB or slime yet... unpleasant! And it means you are doing everything right with your band. Congrats on the weight loss, you are really rocking it! *Maria*
I think im doing everything right... i gulp and skull water tho.... no sipping for me, hope it doesnt matter, seems i can do everything without any of it hurting?! What the.

Alison said...
Really looking forward to seeing your Bam pics!
Check em out... they are up and running... im glad i could get you some Bam picks :D

Christine said...
I TOTALLY thought that picture of Kelly Osborne was YOU. I was looking at the Kelly pic...then the pic of you on the right hand side of this blog...then back again. And I was like, "yup, that's gotta be her." :-) Happy stalking!
Nawwwwwwwww! Thanks! I wish i was Kelly Osbourne, i have so many people say im like her even with my crazy personality. She is hot hot hot so heres hoping with my weightloss i could looka little more like her.

Stacey said...
Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! I hope you get to meet him!
Thanks! Seems it worked.... good vibes bring good things.

Sandy Lee said...
You are doing so great. 50 pounds in 2 months is fantastic. Yeah you! And some people NEVER get stuck or throw up. It doesn't happen to everyone.
I hope im one that doesnt PB but knowing my luck i probably will... early days yet i guess. Thanks for the great support :D

Sumer said...
I think you have a Kelly Osbourne look as well! Is Bam still married to that girl? The one he married on TV?
Super big thanks, in my photo with Bam i certainly dont look like her but hey maybe thats my goal, to look like her ahahah. Funny you bring that up, i dont think he is with Missy anymore, i think they are probably still married but i think his getting a divorce from her. Which should have meant he took me back to his hotel last nigth ahahah so maybe not.

Michelle said...
Great job on losing weight! Thats one of my fears is getting stuck. I still can't seem to sit water, I do but then there are times were I forget a glup it sucks.

Thanks, dont worry i fear it to... i drink water like i did before.... i gulp it too and it doesnt hurt at all.... sometimes i think this surgery is totally whacked ahahahah.


  1. Friggin' awesome! You always look beautiful in photos but you are right that the photos you take of yourself are always more artful and striking. I think it's more about the photographer than the subject... i am so glad you got to meet Bam. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  2. Am thrilled that you got to meet him!!! The picture is fine, he looks much rougher than you!
    You are very pretty, i'm very jealous of your ability to do your make up, i'm useless at make up!

  3. Ahh, that's too cool! So glad you got to meet him and get a picture with him. It's a good picture - you are too hard on yourself! Sounds like an awesome night.

  4. That's deffinitly a picture to put up around your house and show off (the one of you and Bam).

    "sometimes i think this surgery is totally whacked" Hahaha..I haven't thought that yet but I'm sure I will once I'm past my 1 month.

  5. HA HA HA HA HA! He TOTALLY should have taken you back to his hotel! SO glad you got a picture with him, even if it's not your favorite. You look great, as always! ;)

  6. LOL! I am beyond stoked for you that you got to meet someone you love! That is so cool! I've never met any kind of celebrity~ Oh and let me tell ya, the whole "I take better pics of myself" thing, you will get used to it. You just have to get USED to people taking your pic again. Practice with a girlfriend. I had problems w/ that b/c I take great pics of myself but when someone else was holding the camera, I couldn't figure out with position to put my head in to be most flattering. My recent pics (taken by others) show vast improvement so it is possible!!!