Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This sleep deprivtion will be the death of me.

So weird things have been happening....

Last night i couldnt sleep, but i havent been able to sleep for awhile now so thats nothing crazy different although it is slowly wearing very thin... so anywhoo someone rang my mobile last night at exactly midnight, i thought it might have been my mum and i text her and it wasnt. After the phonecall my bed started shaking like a dogs tail was hitting it and i turned leant up and yelled at Harry to stop and get back into his bed but he was already in his bed which was not anywhere near my bed.... so why the hell was the bed shaking?! totally creepy... so i made Harry come and sleep on my bed after that because i was a little whacked out after that.

My eating habits have not been good and i have been eating alot before bed but i dont think thats helping me even though i think it is or thats what i would have done in the past.

I have started the 6 small meals thing again... whether the surgeon likes it or not ahahah, i dont feel my eating habits are right and when i was on the 6 small meals i was loosing weight more rapidly, felt more energy and all round felt really good about myself... since then i have felt CRAPPO so im giong to give it a go again :)

Im back to exercising every morning again... 40min walk which equals about 5 kilometers which is like 3 miles i think?! i could be wrong..... im doing that every morning which i enjoy after while when im over my grumpy wake up. I get up a little bit earlier now so when i get home i can do some muscle work outs like stomach cruntches and squats which is leaving me very sore.... but im super paranoid about arm flub so im doing some major muscle work outs on my arms.

I didnt really think i wanted my 3rd fill but i now know i do... im falling into bad habits and not loosing at the moment which is totally sucky.... i think i will only get half a mil with my next fill though....

I have a goal of loosing 15kilos before November at this rate i wont be getting anywhere near that though so thats why im trying to imlpicate change.

The exercise thing is an interesting topic as i think when i exercise i loose more when some of you say you loose less.... because im not sleeping im trying to keep up the exercising because hopefully it helps me sleep.

I hope this 6 small meal thing works.... i havent had my coffee this morning its 10am and im super hungry....all i had was my berocca..... maybe i need to have my optifast in the mornings again hmmmmm so confusing....

Oh the two photos arent really relevant.... i had a bottle of sparkling water the other day which i dont normally have and i thougth the bottle was pretty so i took a photo lol...

Also here is a wonderous song to make you smile :)


  1. So weird about the bed shaking! I would've called for Harry too!

  2. I can so relate to the sleep deprivation! Congrats on the exercise and diet routine. Arm flab drive me nuts too so i always include strength training in my exercise routine! xx

  3. It's easy enough for the surgeon to say "only three meals", but you know what works best for your body.

  4. That song is so cool and chill...I felt so relaxed, almost fell asleep right here. We so next to hang out, sit backa nd just play each other's random music and drink!!! ;)

    Bed shaking, totally creepy, I don't even wanna think about it. I say go for the 3rd fill, if it's too much they can for sure take some out (if need be). Follow your gut! (figuretively)

  5. I have been drinking a protein shake every morning which has really made me not be hungry all day... but I wasn't getting the protein in that I needed. I will see next week what weight I've lost this month... *Maria*

  6. Could you manage a little walk in the evenings too? It might just relax you and make you more tired and more able to sleep, if you do it at the time you normally snack it might stop that too?
    Don't like the idea of the bed shaking!

  7. Hi Ash, just a weird comment: How long have you been living in the place you are now?? The bed shaking thing is strange, and I'd suggest burning some sage in your place, in each room, and see if it improves or goes away. Just sayin'.