Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like how good is Degrassi

OK so the title had nothing to do with this post....
You guys should feel fortunate i dont post nearly any pics on facebook yet here i put them all on :)

My photos could quite possibly get boring though

So last night friends came over my place, they brought take away indian (which yes got stuck) and then we played balderdash and the dogs played outside it was super fun.


The kids having dinner.... love kylies smirk, shes crazy.
Its blurry but i had to show it because this was most of the night.... ridiculous laughter from random randomness ahahah

Zombie Daragh
I hate this photo but i thought id put one of me on... plus i washed this top with other tops and i accidentally washed it with something that dark and now its not white white :(
Daragh drew a pic of a penis.... so i took a photo of him and the penis...
OK so your probably WOAH whats with this last picture.... i have never in my life put any kind of phtoos like this on the net.... nor will i ever probably do it again and its pretty harmless but i love these undies and the other day in bed i was like i wonder if i could pull off taking a semi sexy photo, trust me i have never taken sexy photos and i think it ended up being kinda cute.... and i look round and kinda big but i dont mind i still think it works alright.



  1. I love the dots too-super cute! I can't even tell that the top isn't white white either! Love the pics of you guys hanging out and having fun.

  2. How GOOOD is Balderdash!?? Its my favourite game I love it hehe. Looks like a fun night and cute undies!!