Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a quicky....

Ok so i conformed to getting facebook... but its only going to be with people close to me because i cant be bothered stalking unknowns ahahahah

On a plus... things are working.... thankgod... all the exercise i have been putting in is paying off and even after eating all the chocolate i did last week i still lost.

Looks like i have lost 3kilos = 6.6lbs in the past week and a half which brings me to a total of 30.1kilos = 66.22lbs lost in just over 4 months.... and now im over half way to my goal..... it feels good becuase things had slowed down so much i wasnt sure if there would be much movement.
No chocolate so far but that might fail tonight if Mike and i go to Churros after our Mexican celebration dinner for him getting his braces off.... he sent me a picture message this morning of his victory food which was a packet of fantails, an apple and chewing gum.... things his hasnt been able to eat for 3 years ahahahah his a dork. Tonight i will make him smoosh food into his teeth just for the pleasure of doing it without any hassles after lol.
ps. churros is a chocolate cafe, i posted about it just after my surgery because i went there with friends... its crazy good.....
Here i was yesterday with my little pretty blue polka dot top for work... i looked nice that day... today i look like poo, im having a fat day blerg.
On the exercise front all is great.... yesterday i got up and jogged around the park/lake... i might take a photo to show you guys, its fair effort. Then the same night i went swimming. This morning i got up and jogged again with Harry (dog for those who dont know him yet lol he does feature soemtimes) did some Wii Just Dance and tonight i wont do anything.
Plans are this week to get up and jog with Harry every morning then do a work out after, each morning im getting in am hour work out which is great so anything aftrer work is a bonus.
No news on the Anton front... he hasnt added me back on facebook, maybe i broke his heart so bad last time he wont be friends with me again ahahah.
Signing off for now spock.... ill take some photos hopefully from tonight to share later :D


  1. 6.6lbs in a week and a half is GREAT!!! wonderful job...

  2. You are GORGEOUS!!! Wanna be FB buddies???

  3. Hey yeah! We should be FB pals too!

  4. I love your "quickies", lol!!! You're precious. Are we going to be FB friends? :( Since we don't know each other in real life! lol!

  5. Oh yea, oops, MUCHO CONGRATS ON A HUGE WEEKLY LOSS! I'm jealous.

  6. Over 30kgs in only 4 months?! Thats bloody fantastic! Is it my turn yet? lol I'm getting a bit impatient now...

  7. I am glad you are back on facebook... It is a great way to communicate. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com