Sunday, October 3, 2010

First photo post...... yes there will be two as i have to many pics!

OK so this will be in two posts as i have to many photos for one blog entry...... this whole entire post is dedicated to our day in Dwellingup which is a country town outside of where i live about an hour and bit drive. As the football grand final was on for a second time... blerg us girls went for a drive. We went to this bakery in Pinjarra which is a town on the way which has won a trundle of awards... i had a sausage roll and it was AWESOME...... although the bakery was pretty disappointing in the fact that it wasnt like a classic country bakery. We then met an old woman selling knicknacks which is where we got all the beautiful flowers from.

Then best of all we went to a miniature village... BESTTTTT EVVERRRRR. Thats where you will see the crazy excitement on my face when i get to see all these little things and feel like Godzilla..... there was also a crazy awesome maze. It was such a fun adventure of a day.

On the weightloss front... i havent jumped on the scale but there has been a lot of little NSV's along the way. All of Saturday i felt better, the dress i was wearing was something my mum bought me that i hadnt felt comfortable wearing when i was bigger and then i allowed myself to be in a lot of photos which was a big thing for me....

The post to follow is of the boy which grrrr is so annoying and then when i went out on Saturday night and its adventures......


  1. How COOOL!!! I really like the photos of the little minature village! I've never been to one before but it looks heaps fun, was it tempting to just go godzilla like and stomp on one of the houses? Haha.

    And alsooooo I really like your look. You remind me of dita von tease. Jealous!!!

  2. I love the full body shots of you in the maze! So beautiful! It sure does sound like a fun adventure!

  3. Love LOVE these pictures!! Before I read that that was a miniature village, I was about to say where are those awesome houses and I want to see the inside haha!! Looks like yall had fun!

  4. Great pictures! The Maze reminds me of alice in wonderland!

  5. Great pics. Once again makes me want to go to WA. The weather looks beautiful all the time!